Foggy Morning

18 03 2008

Date: March 18
Mileage: 2.3 in a.m., 2.3 p.m.
March Mileage: 21.9
Year’s Mileage: 21.9
Temp/Weather: 35F, thick fog
Days until BRAN: 81

It was so beautiful this morning. The weather was almost perfect for riding. It was just cool enough for my fingers to be cold when I got to work. But I didn’t mind. The fog made it all worthwhile. And I feel just awful that I forgot my camera. Between the golden grass, the thick thick fog, and the skeletal trees, I felt like I was the only person out this morning that really saw how beautiful the fog is.

If I had been hurtling down the road in my car, I would have thought the fog was just an annoyance. An impediment to me going as fast as I wanted. Conversely, on my bike, I wanted to go a little slower so I could enjoy it longer. I am looking out the window, and it has already burned off. It is so fleeting. We should appreciate those little beautiful moments that make life seem more wonderful, who knows how long before it goes away and it is just a whispy memory.

Tonight, after work I have a hair appointment. This will be my first attempt towards my final goal of being blond. I am ready for something drastic. Spring and the changing of the season does it to me every year. Last year I was going to get a tattoo, and ended up with 4 new piercings. Sadly, the tattoo never happened. The piercings did, but they didn’t stick around.

I think maybe, this is my attempt to shed my old winter skin and feel fresh and new. I am really afraid that if I don’t drastically shake things up at least once a year, I will become stale. I don’t want to be mundane and boring, but unfortunately, my personality is heavy on the boring and mundane. I fall asleep at 8:00 at night, wake up at 5:30, prefer to stay in and make fun of reality TV, knit, and/or read. Not a whole lot of excitement there. I need my own reality, not TV’s version of reality. I still want a tattoo, but I am afraid I will get something I will regret someday. The tattoo I want is a whole back piece. I CAN do it, I WANT to do it, I just don’t know if I will REGRET doing it. I am also thinking of getting another piercing, my nostril. Scott would just about have a heart attack if I got a tattoo, but it wouldn’t be grounds for “divorce”. He would just seriously question my sanity. :)


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