Photos of a Homebirth

21 01 2012

Here I am, 5 months along. I’m smiling because I no longer have morning sickness.


6.5 months pregnant.

8 months, looking forward to my upcoming delivery.

Dear Baby, we are due to meet next week. I can’t wait to meet you.


One day before Bean is born, 2 days into contractions, I just wish it would get over with already.


9:54 pm.


10:36 pm


10:39 pm. Mr. Ewe was amazing. He chanted with me through contractions for hours!


11:55 pm. Triumph! She was born into my own hands while Mr. Ewe and two midwives assisted me.


New mama.


New papa.


She never cried. Not once. She just looked around the room a lot.


The end.


Pregnancy: Is It Factor V or Factor II?

26 05 2011

So at my last appointment with my midwife, I found out that I may or may not have Factor V Leiden Clotting Disorder, but that I do indeed have Factor II Leiden Clotting Disorder.

My midwife drew a bunch more blood at my last appointment on the 18th to send in and find out if I have both Factor V and Factor II. If I do, it immediately puts me into the high risk category and I will have to find a midwife with hospital privileges because I will have to give birth in the hospital.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how upsetting this information was. I was so close to crying in her office when she told me that. I won’t know the results for at least another week, but I will post here when I do, along with our proposed plan of action.

I don’t want to give birth in a hospital. This is so distressing. I hate hospitals with a bloody passion. Yes, I worked in one for several years, hence my loathing for them. I think hospitals are places for SICK people to go to, NOT a place to give birth in. I don’t want IVs, strangers coming in and out of my room at all hours, mean nurses, rude OBs, constantly being pressured to take an epidural, not move, not eat, too many guests (I doubt we’ll have that problem), pressure to birth faster, being told my baby is experiencing fetal distress because I am stressed.

I want to birth in peace and quiet, with loving support there for me when I need it, and to be left alone when I need it. We are very, very broke. I can’t afford to hire a doula, which I feel is critical to have during a hospital assisted birth. I can’t afford to take birthing classes, which aren’t NECESSARY, but sure are enjoyable.

I hope everything is going to be all right. Ultimately I want Bean to make it to this side healthy, but I feel a hospital birth is a possible obstacle in that process. I hope that all this goat wrangling keeps me strong and healthy, and that I have a fast, uncomplicated labor and delivery.

Week 15 Update

26 04 2011

I still want to be a doula, but….

This pregnancy is like an immersion class on, well, pregnancy. Each day I am a little more pregnant, and my desire to help other pregnant women goes out the window a little but more. Don’t get me wrong, I am no less compassionate than I was before. But I really want to focus on ME and MY pregnancy more than anything. I feel like the more I care for myself, the better doula (maybe even midwife) I will be in the long run.

And I don’t want to stop at doula, my ultimate goal would be to become a midwife, preferably through the Bastyr training program. God only knows how I would ever pay for that, Bastyr is SO expensive. I know that there are other training programs, some of them are quite excellent, and some of them are not even in this country. I wouldn’t mind learning how to midwife somewhere else where my services are needed more. But it always comes back to time and money. When I have lots of time for school, I am short on funds. When I don’t have time for school, I am still short on funds.

If I want this I will have to find a way to make it work. Until then, I can keep plotting, planning, and incubating Bean.

This week in my pregnancy: My belly has “popped.” I feel pregnant when I wake up, after I use the bathroom 800 times a day, when I am constantly hungry and/or cranky, when I am sitting at the computer, and when I go to bed. In other words, I FEEL pregnant all the time now. I keep poking at my belly hoping Bean will kick hard enough for me to really feel it, but alas, no such luck. Hopefully this doesn’t come back around later in my pregnancy when Bean is strong enough for revenge kicks to the ribs…

One of the great benefits of pregnancy is this awesome new set of boobs I’ve got. Seriously, I forgot how great pregnant boobs are. They don’t hurt like breastfeeding boobs, and they are at least twice as big as my pre-baby set. I don’t have to contort myself into weird positions to make cleavage happen. Hell, I don’t even have to wear a bra in order to make cleavage happen. The downside is under-boob sweat. If I don’t wear a bra, my boobs now sit at the top of my belly, collecting sweat until I notice and tuck my shirt under them.

Lets just say, these have been fun so far. But if they are this big now, how big are they going to get? And I wonder if I will get new stretch marks on my boobs this time around? Last pregnancy (sweet baby Jeebus, has it been 9 years?!) the only place I was graced with stretch marks was on my rack. No butt, belly, hips or thighs were harmed in the making of that baby. We’ll see about this one.

Something new Mr. Ewe and I are doing is taking food-grade diatomaceous earth every day. One of our roommates came home with a big jug of it and left a container on the counter for every one to try out. We already use DE ON the pets to help kill fleas during the summer. It had never occurred to me feed it to them, or to take it internally myself, but apparently it is extremely good for you. I’ll post in a bit about DE and its health benefits so you can find the info again if you want it.

Not much else is happening here. We are getting ready to clean out the basement so we can take over a larger bedroom so that there is room when Bean comes. I’ve gotten a lot of my sewing stuff out. Mostly cotton print fabric and two half-finished baby quilts. If I want to sew most of my baby clothes, I am going to need a job so I can stock up on fabric… that stuff is expensive. But so are baby clothes. Thank goodness newborns don’t need much.

Last week I also made yogurt cheese, one of my favorite dips ever for fruit and veggies. I always use plain, whole milk yogurt, but last time I was at the store I couldn’t find and plain, whole milk traditional yogurt so I had to go with the Greek yogurt. OMFG, that was the smartest thing I’ve done in a while. I comes out like a soft cheese instead of a cream cheese texture. And it tastes so creamy and rich. I chopped up some strawberries, mixed in a little honey and maple syrup, and ate it all with some apple and carrot pieces in, of, about 30 nanoseconds. I will be making that again.

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