Sometimes you can’t help but grow

2 05 2011

One day, about 3 weeks ago, our roommate T was meeting with one of her Herbalife customers and Mr. Ewe asked if that was something I would consider doing to make some extra money. I told him about this company called Arbonne and that I used to be an Arbonne sales consultant when I lived in Nebraska, and we decided I would find a consultant that would mentor me and help me get back into the business.

Arbonne is a premium Swiss brand of personal care, nutrition and weight loss products that are hypoallergenic and botanically based. The products are sold via network marketing, like Avon.

So I have been talking to this woman, C, who is an Arbonne sales consultant and Area Regional Manager (which means she has a decent sized team under her.)

This is woman is just wonderful. She’s a breast cancer-treatment survivor, and completely inspirational. She’s been in Arbonne for 20+ plus years, so she has a lot of confidence in what she’s doing, the company and its products, and network marketing in general.

I bring all this up because I just got done with my second meeting with her. She understands Mr. Ewe’s and I’s financial constraints so there isn’t a lot of pressure to “buy in.” What she does think is that if I really want to join the company, to do it as cheaply as possible and earn my “upgrades” instead of buying in all at once for a lot of money.

So today we were talking about what had held me up last time I was in Arbonne, where did I get stuck? And I told her it wasn’t my understanding of the company or the products, but my fear of meeting and approaching new people to talk about the company and the products.

Then I told her about my acupuncturist and how he taught me that I am a water element, and that fear is a big ruling factor in my life and always has been. And I told her a little bit about my last session with my acupuncturist and that I am working really hard right now on taking charge of my life and taking care to make sure that my needs are met.

She said that until I am comfortable spending a little bit of money on my membership and a couple products that I should instead work on my personal growth and development. She recommended a book for me to read, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. And then said I should start doing daily affirmations, make a mini-business plan of where I want to be in a year (more like a dream list than a business plan), get some ideas for networking (like knitting groups, meet-ups and new mom groups) and study the catalog so I have a better idea of what the products are. (A lot has changed in 5 years since I was a member.)

I can’t tell you how good I feel about where I am in my life right now. I feel like I am meant to be in this place now. Between Mr. Ewe’s amazing love and support, the friendship and help with my personal growth and development I get from my acupuncturist, and my new mentor-friend C I can’t help but win and succeed. I feel blessed and rich.

What R the acupuncturist has been teaching me, and what C was talking about today, everything is just coinciding perfectly.

This is such a great way to kick off another rainy month is Seattle (is it REALLY May?? Will the sun EVER shine?? Is this going to be Forever?) and week 17 of my pregnancy.


Pregnancy: Week 14 update

23 04 2011

So this has been a big week for this pregnancy. This would be my 14th week of pregnancy, and I finally had my first midwife appointment. I absolutely ADORE my midwife, Christine Thain at Eastside Birth Center. I went to her when I had my first baby, Little Red. She is the sweetest, most compassionate, loving midwife I could ever wish for. She has such enthusiasm for what she does, I always feel like she cares about what is going on with me.

At our appointment last Tuesday, Mr. Ewe and I got to hear Bean’s heartbeat for the first time. The good news is that it is nice and strong. S/he was kicking the doppler a lot and moving around plenty. I wish I could feel those kicks, but it’s nice to know Bean is strong and active.

It also seems that Bean has an aversion to anything spicy in my diet. I thought I was finally over this morning sickness business, but the other day I made myself some ramen noodles sans “spice” packet, but with some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, and some garlic chili paste we got from the Asian market. Seriously, this is one of my favorite quick meals, and a staple in my diet right now. But Bean said “NO!” The ramen got to sit in my stomach, partially digested for about 2 hours, making me salivate a lot (you know, like when you feel slightly nauseas, but not enough to actually throw up?), before it made a reappearance in the toilet bowl. After that, I told Mr. Ewe, “for the love of God, please make sure I don’t anything spicy again until after the baby is born, please.”

This is hard for me. I used to love spicy things. Spice was my go-to flavor enhancer for most meals. Cock sauce, garlic chili paster, tabasco, hot salsa, wasabi. It all did the trick. Now my meals taste so bland. I actually have to think about how I season things. I have switched over to a lot of raw garlic and fresh grated ginger in place of my spicy stuff, and that seems to be doing the trick. Once we finish getting the kitchen reorganized, I am going to make up a couple of big batches of garlic ginger paste and stick it in the fridge so I don’t need a grater and cutting board every time I want to eat.

Anyone who has ever been around a pregnant woman knows one thing for sure: they have to pee a lot. What most people don’t realize is that besides having a giant water balloon sitting on the bladder and constantly squeezing it, another reason we pee so much is that our blood volume increases by 50% during gestation. More blood means that our kidneys have a lot more work to do. They have to clean and filter 150% of our normal blood volume!

Now for something very interesting. I have been having some super wicked migraines and back aches this week. I assumed the migraines were mostly hormonal, and the back aches were due to the fact that I am pregnant and have scoliosis. I mentioned something to my friend Ron, of LaTour 5 Element Acupuncture during my weekly session yesterday.

He said that pregnancy is a time when the body uses a lot of Ancestral Chi energy, which comes from the kidneys. Some of the symptoms of a lack of Ancestral Chi energy are headaches and backache. He said that old age and deterioration come from a gradual loss of this Chi and that there is no way to replenish it, but that we can help strengthen what we do have through acupuncture and herbs.

So he tonified my kidneys with a few well placed needles, and my backache and headaches cleared up almost immediately. Also, I make my own pregnancy herbal tea blend based on a couple of different recipes I found online. One of the main ingredients in this recipe is stinging nettle, which, according to Susun Weed, is great for the kidneys! So I will be making sure to drink a large glass of pregnancy INFUSION daily (as opposed to a tea which steeps uncovered and for less time.) Hopefully with all this help, my kidneys will be able to do their job more efficiently and I won’t have as many problems with headaches and backache.

Oh, and one last thing that I am super excited about. WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors. I was lucky enough to be able to change WIC offices after Mr. Ewe and I moved to the commune. My new WIC office is so wonderful. They have breastfeeding pictures and quotes all over the walls, and I was able to sign up right away for a future peer counselor. So now I have one more person on my team when the time to breastfeed comes and I have to deal with who knows what problems. I wish that my other WIC office was like this instead of feeling industrial and pro-formula.

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