All About Me

1. Someone forgot the “E” at the end of my name when they were filling out my birth certificate. I have been Jami all my life (duh), people mis-pronounce and misspell my name all the time. I am not Jamie, Jam-e, Jaime, Jaimie, Jayme or any other weird spelling. Growing up, I wanted people to call me James, because I thought it was cool to be a girl with a guy’s name.

2. It really gets on my nerves when my name is misspelled by people that know me.

3. I love animals, I always wanted more pets, but I have come to realize that working animals are better when you have a rural lifestyle. I have 2 cats that have all the rats, mice and moles they could ever wish to eat. I also have a chihuahua that lights up my heart. She is an angle in a dog’s body. Someday we will add chicks, turkeys, and goats to the menagerie.

4. I like cooking, but get angry when I make dinner from scratch for my boyfriend and I, and he is too lazy to even rinse off his dish, let alone help with the dishes.

5.  I gave birth to an awesome little girl 8 years ago. My ex-husband and his wife have done a wonderful job raising her.

8. I have never told my ex-husband that I think he is a great dad.

9. I have a great relationship with my mom, even though I rarely get to see her.

10. I worry about my mom all the time. I worry about her health, and I worry about her happiness.

11. Both my sisters are freaking awesome. And one has made me an aunt to two beautiful nieces that I don’t get to see nearly enough.

12. I am 120% sure my partner is my soul mate, and no one will ever change my mind about that. I have never loved anyone more than I love him.

13. I don’t do well with kids, loud noises, sugar, caffeine, white flour products.

14. I was in the army, a phlebotomist, a secretary, an exotic dancer, and have worked as a temp.

15. I was discharged from the army after almost exactly 11 months due to a stress fracture in my foot that made me undeployable.

16. I had a temporary stint as a waitress that ended with me dumping a martini down a man’s back, and a glass of wine in a woman’s purse. They were both in the same night, and both at the same table.

17. My sister and I once tried to make an entire dinner out of tofu. It was horrible, our whole family laughed at us, we ended up with take out for dinner, I never really liked tofu after that, and it is one of my fondest memories from when I was a teenager.

18. I am, to quote Homer Simpson, a rage-aholic. I have anger issues. I think it is because I am normally such a doormat, that I get overloaded, and blow up. Kind of like a tea kettle, all this pressure builds up inside, and then it all tries to come out at once. I am trying to be more like a pot of simmering water instead, gently letting off a little steam consistently.

19. I hate noise, I much prefer silence.

20. I swear like a sailor, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend. I am trying to tone it down for the belly fruit.

21. When I am stressed, I tend to engage myself in repetitive soothing motions, for lack of a better description. I will do things like rub my earlobe, rub a barefooot on the carpet, twirl my foot, twirl my hair…but never jiggle my leg, it drives me crazy. It’s too much stimulation.

22. I like my hands to be in tight places. I will sit on them, put them between my thighs when my legs are crossed, or sleep on top of them. Never figured out why, I guess it’s just a wierd quirk.

23. On the subject of hands, I can’t wear gloves in cold weather. I can only wear mittens. If my fingers aren’t near each other, they get cold. Right now I am working on designing a special pair of mittens that I can wear for biking. I have seen them in the store, but no pattern for knitting yet. So I am going to come up with my own.

24. My Myers Briggs personality profile is INFJ.

25. My favorite punctuation is the exclamation (!) point!

26. I like the smell of wet pavement, dirt, patchouli, and mushrooms. I also like the taste of raw potatoes, and the smell of freshly washed russet potatoes.

27. I have scoliosis.

28. I have an amazing acupuncturist! His name is Ron LaTour, and you should call and schedule an appointment with him if you live in Seattle.

29. I have found pubic hairs in two different meals at two different restaurants.

30. I enjoyed being pregnant and giving birth, much more than I enjoyed being a mother. In retrospect, I am sure that I had a pretty severe case of PPD that never got treated.

31. I am afraid of hangnails, people seeing my feet under the bathroom stall and recognizing me, water where I can’t see the bottom, hospitals, doctors, answering the phone, checking my voicemail.

32. I can visualize, very graphically, bad things happening in ordinary situations. Example: if I am standing at the top of the stairs, I can see exactly what it would look like to other people, if I fell down the stairs. This makes me very cautious.

33. I am pregnant with my second child.


3 responses

1 10 2008

Are you still around? I know I’ve been MIA lately too, but I thought I’d check in on you! Hope all is well!

5 01 2009

Thanks for sharing about yourself, and your likes/dislikes. Regarding number 26… No insult intended, but have you ever been tested for any autistic spectrum disorders, such as Asperger’s syndrome? I am also bothered by loud sounds, etc…

3 08 2009

I came across your blog while I was looking into bike school and felt completely weird reading what you wrote back in March about wanting to go because it was like reading a page of my own thoughts. And then reading about your cooking, debt, desire to open a women’s shop or design women’s bikes, frustration with your job… I’m just curious what happened – did you go to bike school? What are you doing now? Are you doing work you like better? I would love to know. I’m rooting for you.

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