June Can Come and Go, but it’s Always Summer in my Heart

17 06 2012

That’s not exactly true. I love summer. I miss summer. It seems like summer arrives later and later every year, and leaves earlier and earlier as well. I am hopeful we actually get something that resembles summer this year. I remember as a kid growing up in Kirkland, how by June we were just itching for school to be done with for the season so I could go out and sit on the docks at the lake and enjoy the sunshine. I actually had a summer wardrobe, and used it.

These days, its seems to just be bleak, grey and soggy all the time. How miserable. Bleh.

So I know I haven’t written in a while and my blog was even marked private for a while. I have undergone some major life changes since my last post, including meeting someone who read my entire blog. It felt a little unnerving to be asked questions about stuff I wrote so long ago I actually forgot about it. So I just backed away real quietly.

But I seem to be a writer at heart, and have been wanting to post again, so I am going to take the chance that people actually read what I have to write and I may even bump into them on occasion.

Sadly, or joyously, depending on how you look at it, Bean and I moved away from the farm and into an apartment with my sister at the end of May. I am going to be persuing my schooling full time until I feel satisfied with my level of education. I still plan on farming, and visit the farm and Bean’s daddy several times a week. We are still very close friends and parents to the amazing little she-devil, and hopefully that does not change any time soon.

One of my biggest obstacles has always been, and continues to be, how to make money doing what I love. Sewing fills in the gaps, if I would ever actually try to sell my finished products instead of piling them up in the corners of the dining room. I’ve moonlighted in the adult entertainment field, but generally find that unsatisfactory now with a little person that I have to be a role model for.

I am still determined to try to eke out a living as a farmer. I’m actually even more determined than ever to be a farmer. Access to good, healthy food that is  affordable is so hard to find when a person dwells in an apartment. But more on that in a (near) future post.




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