Just a Quickie

3 02 2012

As I was dismantling steel and plexiglass frames yesterday to turn them into mobile fencing panels for the goats I realized, once again, that I am farming. If I hadn’t decided to start now and here, I might have missed my opportunity to be a farmer at all. I kept waiting for this perfect opportunity to come by where I could farm a piece of my own land. Once I stopped waiting for the perfect situation to arrive, I realized I already HAVE a perfect situation, I was just looking for a different one.

Stop waiting for something that may never come. Start now. Start here. You never know, this may be the moment you’ve been waiting for, only it is packaged differently than you expected.




One response

4 02 2012
Joel Caris

Again, yes. We never think of the perfect situation in advance. We just come up with our illusions. The key is not letting that get in the way when the real situation arrives–that one you can make work–because that’s pretty much the perfect situation. Everything else is just that weird cultural artifact of demanding perfection before we even start.

(I think part of that’s this sort of cult of the expert we have in this country, which I’m planning on writing about sometime soon on my blog.)

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