Photos of a Homebirth

21 01 2012

Here I am, 5 months along. I’m smiling because I no longer have morning sickness.


6.5 months pregnant.

8 months, looking forward to my upcoming delivery.

Dear Baby, we are due to meet next week. I can’t wait to meet you.


One day before Bean is born, 2 days into contractions, I just wish it would get over with already.


9:54 pm.


10:36 pm


10:39 pm. Mr. Ewe was amazing. He chanted with me through contractions for hours!


11:55 pm. Triumph! She was born into my own hands while Mr. Ewe and two midwives assisted me.


New mama.


New papa.


She never cried. Not once. She just looked around the room a lot.


The end.




4 responses

17 10 2015

Nice step by step….and I shall thanks to my mom…every mom has passed this hard situation…..salam dari Indonesia

14 02 2017

This has given me hope.
I am hoping for a home birth, but am being persuaded to a c-section due to a hereditary blood disorder.
So happy for you

10 03 2017
Jami Fowler

good luck Bee,just remember that compassionate and kind c-sections also exist. Perhaps start with a simple google search and bring that conversation to your OB.

11 03 2017

Thank you Jami.
Have had some intense conversations with the consultants.
Midwives are all very supportive of a home birth, and suggest a compromise of a ‘managed third stage’ to prevent heamorage.
Next appointment with consultant in two weeks, and they will then tell me what they believe is safe.
We did establish that a c-section would indeed pose more risks than a natural birth. After much debating and probing.

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