40 weeks already!

15 10 2011

Just a quick update:

Still pregnant here. My due date is tomorrow, and it looks like we’ll be going over. My first was a day early, but I really think that was from the stress of having my MiL and GMiL fly in from across the country for the baby’s birth. I am so chill and relaxed now, I think there is a really good chance I’ll be going over. And to be honest, as anxious as I am to meet this little crotchfruit, I will miss being pregnant when I am tired and have sore nipples.

I’m passing my time cooking, cleaning and knitting. I even took on a big knitting project thinking it would get things going, but no luck. I’ve been having prodromal labor now for weeks, so any time my contractions start to get closer together or more intense I think to myself “Is this it?” But I’ve learned to not say anything anymore until I’m sure it really is. Mr. Ewe is in school full time and if I think Im in labor, he wants to stay home from class, and he doesn’t need to fall behind.




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