The New Goat Buck is Here, The New Goat Buck is Here!

14 09 2011

On Monday we brought home our newest herd member: Navin R. Johnson. He is a yearling mini La Mancha buck, and will hopefully be the proud papa of several newer herd members next Spring.

We’ve never had a buck before, so once again we are jumping in with both feet. We are taking a crash course right now in buck nutrition, and goat courting and mating behavior. He is “unproven” which means he has never bred before. Here’s hoping we get lots of adorable, stocky, colorful little goats in 5 months.

Navin is a sweet little guy that is happy to follow the girls around and court them, day and night. He seems to have set his sights on Buttercup, our full-size La Mancha doe, mother to Gigi, our mini La Mancha yearling doe. If Navin is out of sight chances are he is on the other side of Buttercup, out of view. It is so funny watching him run around chortling at her. It’s like he is trying his hardest to convince her to grow shorter so he can reach!

So with Navin here I think the plan is to finish the goat pen addition, the barn and quite possibly the chicken coop this weekend so we can take down our little goat shack. And next week we are finally picking up our round bales of hay after more than a couple set-backs. This upcoming winter we are also planning on putting up a 24-hour live farm cam aimed at the goat pen.

We have lots of big things coming down the pike in the next year, including a new business name for the farm with an attatched Etsy shop and website, broiler chickens, meat rabbits, a small CSA and a goat share for those of you interested in obtaining farm fresh eggs, milk, meat and vegetables!

Stay tuned, there is lots coming!




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