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11 08 2011


So we are at 30 weeks 4 days here in the pregnancy. My body is finally forcing me to slow down, and mentally, I’m ready for it.

I still have daily farm chores like caring for the goats and chickens, and playing with the kittens.

I’ve started cutting back on milking, much to the goats chagrin. They have been unhappy about the upset in their routine, namely having to deal with overfull udders while their bodies adjust, and less grain because I believe that ruminants should be grass fed, not grain fed.

Seriously. The only goats that GET grain are the milkers, and then it is just a little bit to keep them from kicking the milk bucket over. I get less milk than their grain fed relatives, but the milk tastes so much sweeter, it is worth it.

I’ve started keeping a journal of my goat thoughts while I’m out in the field with them. Someday I want to turn it into a book.

On the domestic front, things have been gearing up for a busy end of the month and an even busier September. My roommate got our “new” freezer wired up so I can start cooking ahead and freezing meals for this winter, and it gives me somewhere to put all of our extra milk. I’m actually considering roping my roommates into ramping the girls up on a twice a day milking schedule for a couple of weeks so we can freeze a bunch, AND THEN drying them off. We only have two milkers that give anything, so it wouldn’t be too hard. Schedule and energy wise, I only have it in me to milk once a day at the most right now. I just know that in the middle of winter, I am going to be craving that sweet white gold for hot cereal, fresh milk bread, chowders and all sorts of other things.

I’ve been knitting like a fiend in my “down” time. So far, in the last couple of months, I’ve made:

two pairs of long wool soaker pants two pairs of newborn sized soakers. All the soakers are from the Sheepy Pants pattern

 4 bibs from Mason Dixon Knitting, Baby Bib O’Love 2 sock monkeys for my nieces, the pattern is Jerry the Musical Monkeyworking on a Horai Scarf for Mr.  2 bibs as a gift, working on a Miralda Lace Shawl turned blanket for Bean. The blanket is two triangular shawls knit in the round. The final shape SHOULD be a square, or square-ish. and a mystery Knitalong shawl by WestKnits for my midwife.  I also got out the sewing machine and made 8 diapers, and 2 skirts for myself (only one of which still fits). Funnily enough, the one skirt I can take a picture of is the one that doesn’t fit anymore. The other one is in the wash. The skirt and apron patterns are by Amy Butler, and conveniently enough came in the same package.I have cut out and ready to go 8 more diapers, about 20 pairs of nursing pads. The fabric is to make the nursing pads extra thick and absorbant, and also because I made the orange ones too small.  2 aprons  2 receiving blankets  (Mr. picked out the fabric this time!) and ring slings for Mr. and I.

I’ve been putting off sewing lately, not because I hate sewing, but because sunny days have been so rare here this year that I only want to sew when it is raining. So my sewing projects are stacking up, but I’m not too worried about it. I have most things ready to go, and a good week’s worth of rainy days should get most of what I have to do, done.

As for knitting project I still have to get done, I still need some newborn sized hats for Bean, a couple kimono or wrap type tops for the winter for Bean, 3 more pairs of soakers sized small, socks and legwarmers for Bean, I would LOVE to finish my knit blanket before Bean arrives, as well as Mr.’s scarf, I have an Adult Surprise Jacket I’m making for myself that I started LAST summer  and if I could squeeze in a pair of hand knit wool socks for myself I would be the happiest person alive. Finally, I have one project that won’t be done until Bean’s first birthday, the Beekeeper’s Quilt. I love this project so hard. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt, but don’t want to sew one. When I found a knitted version, I jumped on the bandwagon immediately! It is primarily going to be made with leftover yarn bits and whatever I can find in fingering weight on clearance from the yarn store. As you can see, I have 6 puffs done, and need about 394 more. One thing I changed about the pattern is that I am weaving in the ends to the middle of the puff, and then threading them in from front to back several times before tying them off. This will give a small dimple in the middle of each puff so the batting inside shifts around less with use.

And a couple of weeks ago I hung up my project board where I keep track of my WIPs I cleaned out and re-organized my yarn stash according to fiber content and yarn weight. I have baskets for all my WIPs, and 3 milk crates for my yarns. The bins go: wool, worsted weight or heavier  lace and fingering weight  and non-wool fibers (novelty, cotton, hemp, nettle, etc.) 

So as to why I am spending all of my time making this stuff. Well, Mr. and I have been financially… insufficient for most of this year. With a baby on the way most new parents want only the best for their little ones, and we are no different. It seems that I have spent the last few years accumulating crafting stuff (fabric, thread, buttons, yarn) so that I had all the supplies I needed to make a gagillion cute things for little Bean. I have bought very few things this year to complete any of these projects. Sure, I’ve picked up the occasional ball of yarn on clearance here and there, but that’s about it. Almost of this stuff I already had, sitting in boxes, getting moved from apartment to storage to apartment to storage and back again. I am just glad that I finally have a use for it. It means less stuff to store and move, and nice things for the baby, Mr. and me. Besides, if I didn’t craft, I would go crazy.

Maybe some day I will turn these skills into some sort of money-making venture for us, but for now, I am just enjoying creating and growing.



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12 08 2011

Wow, you have a lot going on! And very organized. I’m impressed :)

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