The Difference Between Broke and Poor

5 06 2011

My partner and I have both been unemployed for quite some time now. From what I can gather, this is a common phenomenon in this modern-day. I’ve never been in the position before where I was the one who needed to ask for help. I’m almost 30, spent a great number of years working as a stripper which paid the bills but also made it very difficult to get legitimate work when I wanted to quit and move on with my life (and also impossible to qualify for unemployment.) I’ve always been in the position where all of my bills were paid and I had a little extra left over to help others. It has been such a challenge mentally and emotionally to be unemployed and broke for so long. I don’t want to be a burden on the system, but I don’t know where else to turn at this point.

Having said that, being at the point where we have absolutely zero income, bills stacking up, and a financial crisis looming on our horizon, I have never been one to feel “poor”. I may be broke, but I think poor is a state of mind. I would hate to have to sell everything and live out of a tent, but even then I would still just be broke. Poor is an attitude that I refuse to carry the burden of. Poor is something that I will not teach my child, unborn or not. I am rich in love, support and friends.

I am now 5 months pregnant, and have decided to turn to a few charities for support. My only hope is that when we are back on our feet, I can give back as much as I have (and hopefully will) received. I live life feeling grateful for what I do have, and blessed to have so many loving people surrounding me with positive energy and light.

I am also blessed to have been able to rescue that herd of goats last month, as this gives me a source of healthy food and income in case of dire emergency. In fact, selling two more goats is at the top of my list of things to do this week. They are dear sweet friends, but they are also livestock with the ability to make my life easier.

I know things won’t be this challenging forever. Life has ups and downs, just like waves rolling across the ocean. Every once in a while those rolling waves must crash upon the shore, and every once in a while the downs of life crash upon the shore of my body. But you know I have come to realize that even stormy seas bring up beautiful treasures once the waters recede. I wake up every morning and give a prayer of gratitude back to the universe for allowing me to forge on through another day.



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