Pregnancy: Is It Factor V or Factor II?

26 05 2011

So at my last appointment with my midwife, I found out that I may or may not have Factor V Leiden Clotting Disorder, but that I do indeed have Factor II Leiden Clotting Disorder.

My midwife drew a bunch more blood at my last appointment on the 18th to send in and find out if I have both Factor V and Factor II. If I do, it immediately puts me into the high risk category and I will have to find a midwife with hospital privileges because I will have to give birth in the hospital.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how upsetting this information was. I was so close to crying in her office when she told me that. I won’t know the results for at least another week, but I will post here when I do, along with our proposed plan of action.

I don’t want to give birth in a hospital. This is so distressing. I hate hospitals with a bloody passion. Yes, I worked in one for several years, hence my loathing for them. I think hospitals are places for SICK people to go to, NOT a place to give birth in. I don’t want IVs, strangers coming in and out of my room at all hours, mean nurses, rude OBs, constantly being pressured to take an epidural, not move, not eat, too many guests (I doubt we’ll have that problem), pressure to birth faster, being told my baby is experiencing fetal distress because I am stressed.

I want to birth in peace and quiet, with loving support there for me when I need it, and to be left alone when I need it. We are very, very broke. I can’t afford to hire a doula, which I feel is critical to have during a hospital assisted birth. I can’t afford to take birthing classes, which aren’t NECESSARY, but sure are enjoyable.

I hope everything is going to be all right. Ultimately I want Bean to make it to this side healthy, but I feel a hospital birth is a possible obstacle in that process. I hope that all this goat wrangling keeps me strong and healthy, and that I have a fast, uncomplicated labor and delivery.




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12 09 2012

I’d love to hear how everything turned out. I’m in a similar situation.

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