Week 20 and All is Well

23 05 2011

So today marks week 20 in this here pregnancy. I’ve been super busy with all this goat business: trying to get them settled in, find a new daily routine that works for everyone, what to do with over a gallon of raw milk a day, learning new cheese recipes, working on setting up a micro-farm business plan, feeding the goats, milking the goats, cleaning up after the goats, plus all my normal household duties.

With all this going on, sometimes I actually forget that I am in fact pregnant! It is getting harder and harder to miss though. Bean is getting bigger by the day (as am I!). Even with all the morning sickness I had in the first trimester, I have still managed to gain close to 20 pounds, and I have never felt sexier. I love my pregnant body, it just feels so good and natural and comfotable to me. I wish I could be 5 months pregnant forever. Much smaller and there is that whole morning sickness thing, and as I get larger I am going to slow down and start getting achy. Right now I am still small enough to be able to cope with daily life on a brand-new farm.

Bean is getting more active, or at least big enough for me to feel all the rockin’ and rollin’ going on in there. All of my clothes are getting tight and I have to figure out how to dress my new self without any kind of a clothing budget. I think this week I’ll be breaking out the sewing machine to sew up some tie/wrap skirts and some reversible aprons.

It’s hard to to come to terms with the idea that I am going to have a very demanding human on my hands 24/7 in just a few short months, but I know that when the time comes my network of friends and loved-ones will be there to help me. Even if it is just helping with the goats so I can get a little rest after being up all night…

Some interesting things I’ve noticed.

  • When I had my first child, I got mastitis in my right breast due I think to a tight underwire that blocked/plugged a milk duct. Now that same breast has already started leaking throughout the day.
  • Bean likes to snuggle down at the bottom of my uterus. All the pressure/movement/activity I feel is down at the bottom.
  • I can eat and eat and eat, and I am going to really miss that as my uterus takes over the space my stomach uses to expand into after a large meal.
  • All this fresh goats milk in my diet has changed my skin completely. It has never been so soft and silky before.

I guess all this adds up to a lot of hard work. But I can honestly tell you I have never been so happy while being exhausted at the same time. Life really is good.




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