Goat Update

23 05 2011

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. My life has been completely taken over by a bunch of goats. Seriously. If you don’t remember, earlier this month I put an add up on Craigslist stating that I would be happy to take any unwanted livestock since Mr. Ewe and I are trying to start building a little farm. Well, I asked and then received. An entire herd of 15 goats. Delivered to my doorstep. Things have been pretty crazy ever since then.

Having a new herd of goats is a lot like having a new baby in the house. They require near constant attention while they settle in. Life will never be the same again. No more sleeping in, and I am so exhausted by the end of the night there are no more late nights either. We started building a small barn before the goats even got here, but thanks to a supply of free (wet) wood, and a constant supply of free rain, construction has slowed down a lot until our wood dries out, and then we will have ourselves a barn raisin’.

I’ve been milking the goats twice a day, and trying to find all sorts of creative uses for all this milk we now have. I for one can’t seem to drink enough of it. Can you imagine having all the fresh, unprocessed milk you could ever want? It is so rich and creamy and thick. It is by far the richest milk I’ve ever had in my life, and puts goats milk that you buy in the grocery store to shame. So is the yogurt we’ve made (2 batches so far: strawberry-banana, and maple-lingonberry) and the chevre, oh my god the chevre. I had to buy crackers at the store yesterday so I have a way to eat this amazing cheese. Our first batch of chevre turned into three different flavors: chive, rosemary, and roasted poblano pepper.

Not last week but the week before, we managed to find a home for all four of our boy bucklings that came with the herd, and I think today our herd queen and one of my other does is going to a new home in exchange for hoof trimmings for the herd from a professional hoof trimmer. She is going to give us hoof trimmings and supplements for the next 6 months in exchange for 2 goats that I can’t even keep, how cool is that?

All of the goats have such different personalities! I swear I will put up pictures with descriptions, once I get pictures of each girl.

All this goat care has gotten me onto a wonderful schedule. It keeps me busy, and once I get the herd down to a manageable size, it shouldn’t be too demanding on me later in the pregnancy. I firmly believe I will be in the best shape I’ve ever been in by the time Bean is born.



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