Be careful what you wish for!

6 05 2011

AKA: Affirmations work when you do them and believe in them.!!

I have been trying pretty hard to stay upbeat this Spring. This has been the darkest, coldest, rainiest Spring-ter I can remember in Seattle. Since I have been making sure I take all my vitamins, including 5,000iu of Vitamin D and 50 mg of Iron everyday to combat my low Vitamin D levels and anemia I have been feeling better… less cold and tired, more energy to get out of the house and do things.

Money of course is as tight as ever, but I have been doing things to not focus quite so much on that. I have been working on my personal development, and one of the things that has been really important to me has been to do daily affirmations. I have made myself a dream/wish/affirmation journal that I am only allowed to write positive things in. I keep a regular journal too, but I find I use it mostly to vent and to unscramble my thoughts by putting them on paper to look at. Not really all that uplifting, hence the dream journal.

Well, yesterday (wow, was it really just yesterday?) I wrote down 2 whole pages of affirmations that I plan on making on making flash card versions of to hang all over my bedroom walls. It started out that I was going to work on my birth affirmations for when I go into labor with Bean, and ended up being anything I thought would make my life better in general.

Well, after writing all these affirmations out, I really felt that I should do something proactive for my life. We have this giant property that we can do pretty much whatever we want on. It is over 7 acres, half of it is wooded with a pond and stream, we have a fruit orchard, a raspberry bed, nettles and blackberries and salmon berries all over the place. The grass is getting so tall that I lost my dog in it. In other words, paradise is getting overgrown.

So I take these daily walks around the property looking at slugs and thinking, “Someday I will have ducks to eat these slugs.” I look at all the spiders everywhere and think “Someday I will have chickens to eat these spiders, and then I will have delicious fresh eggs to eat.” I look at the tall tall grass and think “Someday I will have sheep, and they will eat this grass and then I will get beautiful wool.” And then I look at all these blackberries and nettles (literally acres) and think “Someday I will have goats to eat these blackberries and nettles, and then I will have milk to make things with and drink.”

Yesterday morning, I decided that I want someday to be now. I can wish and dream all I want, but action is what makes things happen. I watched a neighbors goat die of loneliness and decided that there are a lot of animals on small backyard and hobby farms that people don’t want or don’t want to take care of and don’t want to go out of their way to find homes for.

So I posted an ad on Craigslist. I basically said “I am not a rescue or a non-profit, but I have a lot of space, a big heart, and would love to help you out by taking your unwanted animals. In exchange you get to help me out.” Honestly, I was expecting a bunch of leftover roosters and bunnies from Easter, maybe an old goat or sheep that has special needs or is just plain lonely.

Instead I won the lottery. I had a woman call me needing help rehoming a herd of dairy goats as she was leaving town next Wednesday (this was on a Thursday) and could I help?

I slept on it to make sure that I wasn’t being selfish for wanting this when our finances are so tight. But when I woke up, I realized that a free working dairy herd is a hard thing to pass up, as it is a form of revenue for our new little farm. I told Mr. Ewe that we could sell off whatever goats we decide we don’t want to keep after we’ve had them a week or two, and use the money to stock up on bags of COB, bales of straw and hay, and to pick up some seaweed meal and dolomite and diatomaceous earth to make our little herd happy and healthy.

We set to work right away designing a simple three-sided goat shed out of the wind and rain, decided where to put it, and began clearing and leveling the land. Tomorrow I get to drive down and look at the goats and pick up goat supplies, and Mr. Ewe is going to stay home with his best good friend and one of our roommates and they are going to finish building the shed and putting in a fence. Hopefully on Sunday I will be able to take delivery of them and have things all ready for my new goat mamas and babies.

In regards to how I feel about affirmations now, I will quote a line from one of my favorite movies ever (The Jerk) “Jeeze, this shit really works.”

And now pics, cause it really did happen. :)




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7 05 2011
Melany Vorass

If/when questions arise about caring for your goats, please feel free to contact me. I’m excited for you! I know you’ll love keeping them.

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