21 02 2011



M and I had quite an exciting weekend. We spent all day Saturday cleaning and organizing our storage units, moving most of the stuff from our smaller unit to our larger one. Then before it got dark out we went to spray degreaser on the rv engine so we could see where the oil leak was coming from.

Sunday found us tired after not sleeping very well. We tried to finish the storage unit until we decided we had more importan things to do. So we headed over to a friend’s house to work on putting some electrical outlets in the basement we are renting as an office. Once there we realized we didn’t have the tools and supplies we needed so M headed off to the storage unti to get our tools.

Apparently we didn’t organize the storage unit very well because it took M 90 minutes to get back, and storage was right down the street. By the time he got back we had enough time to put all our stuff away in the basement and leave to go work on the rv.

We had to leave the rv in the driveway of the person we bought it from when we realized it was leaking oil. That person wants it gone sooner rather than later. At this point I feel justified leaving it where it is until we can drive it. We bought it “in perfect running order” according to the seller.

When we got there on Sunday to see if the degreaser worked, M pulled off the valve cover from the leaky side of the engine. The plan was to replace and reseal the valve gaskets to stop the oil leak. What we found when M pulled the cover off made my heart skip a beat. One whole corner of the valve cover to our 1978 Dodge 440a big block engine is cracked off.

So, we let the seller (and “friend”) know the engine is cracked, and we will start looking for a replacement part asap. He’s quite upset that we are leaving the car there for now, but what else can we do? If we drive it in its current condition the engine will undoubtedly seize and become an expensive paperweight.

When we move it, it only has to go about 10 miles, so we may try a temp fix with JB Weld until we can afford a replacement.

The sooner we fix it and take possession the better. Living out of the back of the car is a challenge in the best of weather. Doing it in winter during a pregnancy is just added complications to an already complicated situation.



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