Moving out day

17 02 2011

So today is the 26th actual day of pregnancy and the 6th week according to the medical model of counting. I have gotten so used to my early symptoms that I am having trouble believing that I am pregnant at all. The sore boobs, the constant urge to pee, the huge appetite. All of these seem so normal now. Its strange how quickly we adapt.

Today is the day we load up the uhual and take everything to storage. Yesterday, I found (stole) a bunch of milk crates for the back of my 4runner. The husbeast and I are going to build a plywood platform to put on top of the crates in the back of the car so we have somewhere to sleep without losing storage space.

Yes, we are moving out of the leaky, shroomy, heat-less, moldy house with broken windows and into the back of my car. I actually consider this an upgrade.

Tonight after we return the uhual we are going to look at a place to park the rv. This weekend we will try to get the rv engine to hold oil so we can take possession of it; this weekend we will start cleaning it out and hopefully be able to move into it soon.

The rv will feel like an upgrade to the car and the mold-house. This spring we will be renovating the rv with a diy green conversion including a solar panel on top so we can lose the generator.

I used to be so afraid of being homeless. After dealing with so many slumlords and shady landlords, I am looking forward to the freedom of living out of my own rv.



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