Almost Made It

14 02 2011

Yesterday, work on the rv started promptly at 10am. M set to work taking all the batteries out and cleaning all the terminals with a baking soda slurry, then toothpaste, and finally vaseline. As he was doing that, I was taking advantage of a break in the rain to RainX all the windows (mostly to remove the moss).
After about 8 hours of diligent work, M had everything cleaned, lubed and polished. We put some gas in the engine and she started right up, and started charging the batteries right away.
We got in took her for a test ride around the block and felt good about the 20 mile drive home.
So we loaded everything up properly, M got in the other car to follow me, and we headed towards the I-5. We stopped at a gas station by the heavily congested (at 8pm on a Sunday night!) Freeway for a quart of oil and some gas.
Good news: the gas tank doesn’t leak. Bad news: for the quart of oil we put in, 1/4cup leaked out immediately. We are hemmoraghing oil. We turned around and headed right back to the seller’s house for the night.
There is no way we are driving a rv 20 miles in stop and go traffic with an engine that can’t keep oil in it.
There is a lining to this cloud though… the guy at the auto parts store has seen a lot of olderdodge engines like ours, and a common problem they have is with an old, leaky oil valve. It should be easy to replace, and only cost about $10.




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