This is Ridiculous.

18 12 2008

Today, the city of Seattle practically shut down for a snowstorm.


That’s fine. Even Omaha had kinks to work out on the first day after a heavy snow. We’ve gotten about 5 inches in our neighborhood today. The thing I find so ridiculous is how unprepared everyone seems to be. I and one other person ON MY BLOCK were or have shoveled today.


Other guy

Two people in an entire neighborhood have shoveled. It’s been snowing since 4 am. It is now 4 pm. So, in 12 hours of snowing, me and one other person have shoveled. And I was the only one that also shoveled her sidewalk. The other guy dumped his shovel scoops onto his sidewalk.

Up the street

Where are people supposed to walk? It made me feel pretty good. I had some neighbors walk by, and thanked me for shoveling my sidewalk. I just don’t get it. In Omaha, everyone in the neighborhood (with the exception of that one neighbor) would have made some sort of effort within the timespan of 12 hours.

I tried driving once today, and managed to find my way back into my driveway. But it sucked because the roads were wet up until it started snowing in middle of the night. Which made them really slippery today. So anyhow.


While I was shoveling, I found something that I didn’t see once in five winters in Nebraska:

Moss!I found moss. In our driveway. Ha!

I also found rosemary:





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