I’ve Been Robbed!

4 12 2008

A few weeks ago, I went out to my car to leave for work, and it seemed, uh, off. Things were scattered about. Someone had gone through my center console and my glove box. Nothing was missing, I thought. The car was locked, and I had left it locked. I figured my parents had gone through it looking for registration papers or something. The glove box was completely empty. I put everything back, and went on my day.

Well, today my stepmom asks me to run out to the car and get the registration for them so they can transfer the car over to my name.

I say “It’s not there.”

Her: “What do you mean it’s not there?”

Me: “A couple of weeks ago I went out to my car and it had been gone through. There is no registration in there. I thought you and Steve had it.”

Her: “?”

Me: “Seriously. I thought you and Steve had it because the car was locked. The only way someone could have gotten in there was with a key. So I just assumed it was you or him, and didn’t say anything.”

Her: “So you’ve been driving without your registration this whole time?”

Me: “I guess so….”

So apparently, someone broke into my car, stole my registration, and left everything else behind, and re-locked the car when they were done. What on earth would someone want with my registration? I actually have an idea of who it was, and if I’m right, I’m really scared.



One response

5 12 2008

What a weird thing to steal. You just feel so violated after something gets stolen from you, don’t you? My mom and I moved into a new house in August and my mom put up an Obama yard sign. Someone stole it, in the middle of the day! I left the house and it was there, and two hours later I came back and it was gone. I know it was just a silly thing, but it really made me feel violated. I was new in the neighborhood, and all I could think about was which one of my neighbors did it. It made me feel suspicious and untrusting. It really throws you off whack.
I hope you feel better soon.

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