Renounce Your Possessions

9 07 2008


Well. I am starting to SERIOUSLY think about packing. I haven’t actually put anything in a box yet though. But I have 3 10-ream paper boxes from work. They are going home with me tonight. Additionally, my goodwill pile keeps growing. I added 5 or 6 purses, a couple of pairs of boots, a pair of espadrills and some winter coats I no longer wear this morning. My plan is, I think, to go through all of my stuff and make a giant pile of stuff for goodwill. Then I want to go through the pile of stuff that I felt I must keep, and put half of that into the goodwill pile. Seriously. I want as fresh a start as possible when I get out to Seattle.

Maybe I should quit buying things then. Like today, I bought a hammock online. Ok, when you quit laughing, I willl tell you why. Are you done? Ok, well, the u-b and I have one of those “superfancyschmancy memory foam” matresses. #1: It stinks, like chemicals. I am sure it isn’t done off gassing while I sleep, either. #2: I have scoliosis. If a memory foam mattress hasn’t done anything for my constant back pain, no mattress that I will be able to afford (or move on my own) is going to help my back. So I have decided to try something completely “crazy.” I am not going to get a bed when I get out to Washington. I am going to sleep in a hammock. I haven’t decided if I will try to hang it from the studs in the wall, or if I will get a hammock stand. But honestly, it can’t be less comfortable than what I am sleeping on now, and it will be more comfortable than having to sleep on an air mattress or the floor (my original plan until I could get a bed out in Seattle.)

So the way I see it, I may have spent $80 on a hammock (plus tax and shipping) today, but a mattress, boxspring, and frame would have cost me 5 times that much for something decent, at least. So I spent the money, but I saved money, and a hammock packs up really tiny. So I can pack my bed alongside my sushi dishes.

I think it will be interesting to see what I decide makes the final cut to move in the next 5 weeks or so.

Tomorrow Loki is going to the vet. He needs the last of his shot series, a health certificate for interstate travel, and he also is getting microchipped, just in case we get separated somehow during the trip. I would just die if that happened, but if it does, hopefully a GOOD person will find him and contact me (instead of keeping him) so I can get him back. But knock on wood :::knockknock::: that that doesn’t happen in the first place.

The u-b has been grating on my nerves already, and he’s only been back from Bermuda for 2 days. He just doesn’t DO anything. I understand he had jet lag yesterday. But I came home from work after running to the grocery store for dinner supplies (twice, plus I went and got him lunch on my lunch break since he was home sick) and picking up my wh0re-shoes. I walked in the door with three bags of groceries, a bag with my shoes in it, my purse, and my work bag. He is laying on the couch in his underwear, and says, “Wow, that’s a lot of bags.” He then, after my second trip to the grocery store in 30 minutes (we were out of butter for the corn), proceeded to tell me MY dog pooped in the basement. I asked him if he was sure it wasn’t cat puke, as I know for a fact that Loki doesn’t go into the basement alone. He assured me it was puppy poop. I said, “Ok, do you want me to clean it up now, or after dinner?” (Mind you, I was cooking couscous and shucking corn at that moment, the idea of picking up sh!t was less than appetizing.) Well, I went down after dinner and cleaned it up, and guess what? It was cat puke.

At this point, I was pretty miffed. I asked him if his dog left bodily fluids in the house, if I was allowed to just tell him about it and not clean it up. He said (paraphrasing here) “No, if you see it first, you need to clean it up. Why do you ask?” Can you see the steam about to shoot out my ears here? I say “Well, you saw that mess in the basement, and decided to tell me about it instead of just cleaning it up. I figured that since you assumed it was made by my puppy, that you didn’t have to clean it up, and I wanted to know if that applied to me and your dog as well.”

The conversation pretty much ended there, with him muttering under his breath something about how he has cleaned up after Loki before, as he took his dinner plate and walked away. He must have felt bad about it though, because he did offer to take my finished dinner plate into the kitchen for me later in the evening. But the gesture stopped there, as the dirty plate never made it into the empty dishwasher.

I tell you, the closer I get to leaving, the more relief I feel. I was worried I would feel sadness and dread, and fear. But I just feel so relieved to know I don’t have to share my living space with anyone else, ever again, unless it’s my choice. That is going to be very nice, very nice indeed.




2 responses

10 07 2008

interesting life you lead there.

on bikes: record your time as well as milage. on u-b: say bye-bye. on dancing: somebody’s gotta do it. on seattle: too wet, hate it. on day job: win.

10 07 2008

Oh and also, I’ve slept on a hammock for a long time before. I would rather sleep on the ground.

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