The Boy is Back

7 07 2008

No bike today, even though it’s a Monday. I had to drive. I had to. The u-b is getting back into town at 4 pm today. I normally get off work at 4 pm, so today I have to skip lunch in order to get off an hour early, so I can pick him up from the airport. Whoopy.

My fourth was productive. I ended the night with an extra $453 in my pocket, so no room to complain here.

I did a teensy bit of shopping over the weekend, but nothing major. I got some new makeup (whee!) and a bottle of make-up remover that I didn’t need, but wanted because I liked the picture on it (sucker). I picked up a couple shirts on clearance from Old Navy, and a bunch of new (pretty) socks from Targetto. I went and saw “Wanted” at the matinee price on Sunday, mostly because I’m crushing on Angelina Jolie (and I heard you get to see her butt in the movie, you do, and it’s worth it). Oh, and I got a new set of bowls for Loki for when we get out to Seattle, along with a noodle bowl that goes with my Sushi dish set, all from Cost Plus/World Market. I got three new circular knitting needles from Knitpicks, two are for magic loop socks, and one is for magic loop sleeves that I am currently knitting on 32″ circulars. If you are going to do magic loop, make sure you needles are a minimum if 40″, mainly for ease and comfort. And lastly, I picked up 4 new used books from Amazon. It feels like I did A LOT of shopping, but almost everything I bought was used or on clearance (justifying…).

Also, I WAS going to go in on Sunday and talk to someone about a couple of tattoos I want, but I am going to wait until I get to Seattle to pursue any new body modifications. Mostly because 1) Cost, I need to save my money here so I can spend it in Seattle, and 2) Job hunting. I want to get a couple more facial piercings, but I need to make sure I can have them with whatever job I get. I would hate to not be considered for a job just because of a piercing I recently spent good money on.

I am going to have to spend probably $100-$150 tomorrow. I have to get some new outfits and a new pair of shoes. I don’t have any shoes that I need for this particular thing that I need them for. And without shoes, I can’t make money.

The good news is, overall, even after that $150, I should still be up by about 800. So I am back to what I had Wednesday, but that STILL puts me up by 800. Good stuff.




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