Poor Beagle

2 07 2008

Date: July 2

Mileage: 4.4

July Mileage: 4.4

Year to Date Mileage: 442.4

I took the u-b’s beagle with Loki and I on our morning walk today. Poor beagle. He is 11 years old, riddled with either tumors or cysts, and fat to boot. He’s been on a diet for a while, but he is just in such bad shape. We got three houses down from our starting point, and he starting coughing. Then he started wheezing. He panted the whole half hour that we “walked.” Walk is used very loosely though, as it is mostly ambling till we get to the next thing that stick more than 5 inches out of the ground, and than poor beagle pees on it. Then we amble some more.

Loki seemed to enjoy himself, it was a novel experience to have poor beagle with us. I doubt Loki got much expercise, but since the u-b is out of town, the beagle is extra pathetic. I figured he could use a little pick-me-up. Last night he even slept on the couch, I think he was waiting for the u-b to come home. Poor little guy.

Anyhow, I am back to having my “dropping acid” dreams, no more dreams with deep psychological meaning. I guess my brain doesn’t have to tell me things when I can’t escape into other thoughts anymore.

Last night was enjoyable. I stopped at the market and picked up some groceries, then went home and made dinner. I played with the puppies for a little while, made them dinner, and then had my own dinner. After that I watched a movie and knitted for a while. I learned how to cast on for magic loop, too! I decided to knit both sleeves at once for my tangled yoke cardigan, so I don’t end up with second sleeve syndrome. And since I was going to have to learn an ew technique to knit two sleeves at once, I figured I might as well learn the magic loop method.

My first trouble of the night came as I realized I had twisted my stitches when I joined in the round. Shoot. So I pulled both sleeves off and cast back on. Then my internet went down, so I had to restart the router for my wireless connection. While that was rebooting, I went through our Christmas stuff, taking my things that had sentimental value to me, and leaving the rest for the u-b (christmas lights, his ornaments). I went back upstairs, found a better tutorial through Ravelry, and tried casting on a second time. The first 10 rounds or so are very “fiddly”. I lost patience right around round 10, and decided I hadn’t twisted my stitches when joining, so it was a good stopping point.

Then I went to bed, and cast on for Shade. I am using Knitpicks CotLin in Key Lime, on size 4 brittany birch needles. I tend to knit VERY loose on non metal needles, so I went down 4 sizes to get gauge. I made one slight alteration to the pattern, and that is that I am doing a C4B on the top of the lampshade, instead of a C4F.

This pattern should result in a cute lamp shade when it is done, and I was fortunate to have the exact size lampshade needed. In fact, I had been thinking of replacing said lampshade for a while now, so this pattern will be perfect. But. This pattern is not very well written. I wouldn’t expect a beginner to cast on and make this without some difficulties. It doesn’t explain what a short row is, or how to wrap & turn. I already knew how to do these things, but someone that has never done them might want to research a little before they start. Also, the directions are vague. It seems like the author just assumes that you will know what she means. Fortunately, this was a free pattern. If I had paid for it, I would have been disappointed in the clarity of instruction.




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