The Boy Is Gone (for a week)

1 07 2008

I didn’t ride my bike today. Can you believe it??? Well, see, I was planning on making a quick trip down to the local yarn store over my lunch break to pick up a 2 – 24″ #2 circular knitting needles so I can knit both sleeves for my tangled yoke cardigan at once. So I drove. I will most likely drive again one day this week, so I can bring some boxes home for packing.

The un-boyfriend is gone now. He won’t be back until Monday. He left around 3:30 am to go to the airport. He is flying to New York for a couple of days, and then on to Bermuda for one of his friend’s wedding. He will be back on Monday. So while he is gone, I plan on, um, cleaning. And, uh, packing. Oh, and I will probably go out with my bff on the fourth.

Because I still have a while before I move, I can’t pack much yet. But I have started going through my stuff, making nice big “recycle”, “trash” and “goodwill” piles. I want to get rid of anything I haven’t read or used or worn in the last year. Because chances are I won’t use it in the NEXT year, and there is no point in moving something that isn’t going to get moved.

Things I can pack right now are: my comforter and bed linens, my winter clothes, my sports equipment (rock climbing gear, camel back, sleeping bag, fishing stuff), most of my books, some of my yarn and spinning stuff, my knick knacks, and some baby stuff that I have held on to for sentimental reasons. I think I will also pack some of my kitchen stuff that is doubles of what the un-boyfriend already owns. We only need ONE set of stuff, and I need to start packing to feel mentally ok.

I am also looking for a part time job this week. I think I will look to waitress in a bar, I have the best chance for good tips at a bar, and the hours are more compatible to what I need. Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT want to get a part time job, and the u-b thinks that I am stressing too much about making my savings big before I move. I don’t.

My two biggest fears are going hungry and being homeless. Even if I don’t have a job lined up in Seattle when I get out there, I need to know that I’ve enough money in my savings account to live off of until I find employment, and still have enough left over to rent an apartment as soon as the paychecks start rolling in. If I have to camp on relatives couches for a couple weeks, well, I don’t consider that homeless. But if I don’t have my own place because I had to live off my savings and I didn’t have enough left over to rent, that would just be devastating to me.

So yeah, I mightbe panicking a little. But panic is what will ultimately get me to do the right thing, even if it is harder for the short term, it will be better in the long run.




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1 07 2008

Waitressing is good work in the right place, but its hard work, let me tell you. I was eager to give it up for the desk job I have now. There are still times that I miss my waitressing days, life was simpler then, and office life, well …

1 07 2008

Well, I am not thinking it would be fun, but I need some cold hard cash in order to feel comfortable moving across the country.

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