Dreams About Lightning

27 06 2008

Date: June 27

Mileage: 4.4

June Mileage: 100.6

Year to Date Mileage: 433.6

On My iPod:Jason Bajada, “Gutterwaltz”


Last night I dreamt about lightning. I dreamt I was walking Loki in the morning, and the sky got really dark. Suddenly there was lightning. I looked over to the horizon, and the lightning started as a really slow streak down, then it circled around back onto itself so it formed a perfect ring in the sky. Instead of disappearing, the ring got bigger, it expanded until it filled the sky, and then it exploded into a firework type display of sparks that showered down on us. I turned and kept walking at that point, even though little embers of lightning kept falling from the sky.

I sort of half heartedly tried talking to the boyfriend last night. I asked him if he had gotten my text message. He said What text? I said the one where I asked you if you had time in your schedule in the next week for a coffee date with me. He groaned and changed the subject. I dropped it because we had a guest, and as soon as the guest left, he fell asleep. Tonight he is going to some country club with his best friend, so I might take Loki and go downtown to go to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. I am not going to be buying anything, but I like looking at all the handmade stuff, and Loki desperately needs the socialization.

Last night I cut my own hair with clippers. I really wanted to give myself a buzzcut, but I just trimmed it up instead. I figured if I buzzed it, then I wouldn’t have any hair to hide my earlobes from prying eyes once the stretching gets really noticeable. Hair or earlobes was the ultimate decision, and I like stretching my lobes, so the hair must stay. For now.

I also knitted a little, and read some more of my current book “When God Was a Woman“.

I also thought about my situation here in Omaha. See, I had two things keeping me in Omaha. One was my daughter. Well, she has been adopted by my ex’s new wife, so I don’t have a daughter to keep me in Omaha anymore. The other was my boyfriend. Well, seeing as how I am a lesbian, I don’t think my boyfriend will be able to keep me in Omaha either. So I have two choices: #1 I can move out to an apartment here in Omaha for a year, and then move to Seattle. So I would be starting over twice. Or #2, I can suck it up, move to Seattle now and start over once.

Being impulsive, I have decided to just go ahead and move to Seattle in September. That gives me 6 paychecks or so to get money saved, find a place to live and get my car fixed. I am going to take the long way so I can stop in Las Vegas to see my mom and sister, and Sacramento to see my other sister and niece. Then I will be headed to Seattle to start over. I figure it will take me 1-2 weeks, barring any (knock on wood) disasters. I am only moving what will fit in my car, and my bike. So no bed, no dresser, no furniture of any kind. Clothes, yarn, Etsy shop stuff, some books, some kitchen stuff (the basics), camping/hiking/rock climbing gear, and Loki’s stuff. I will start looking for a room to rent in August. I don’t need much at this point, and simpler is much better. I don’t want to rent an apartment, because I will need more things.

Now if I could just get the boyfriend to pay attention to me, I could talk to him about this. Because avoiding me is not going to make it go away. I need out of this frickin city. I am going to miss a few people, and there will be this big vacuum in my life without him. But I can’t stay here. I just can’t. And I am not willing to start over twice in a year. Starting over is hard enough as it is.


To see lightning in your dream, signifies sudden awareness, insight, and purification. Alternatively, lightning may imply a shocking turn of events. It suggests the many forces governing your life may be beyond your control.

To dream that you are struck by lightning, symbolizes irreversible changes occurring in your life. It is a transformation of sorts.


To see a spark in your dream, represents a new idea, possibilities or a fresh beginning. What starts out as something small may generate something grander and greater. Do not underestimate the smaller things in life. Alternatively, the dream may also symbolize the start of a new love.







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