23 06 2008

My new earrings. Well, for the next two months, until I move up to an 8 gauge earring. I bought them on Etsy from Glass Heart Studio. Check her out, she does amazing work!

The world’s hottest kiss. Nuff said.

Catnip stuffed knitted/felted hearts. Aren’t they cute? She said she gave her cats one of these, and put the rest up in a cabinet when she went to bed. She said the next morning, she woke up, went to the kitchen, and the cabinet door was open, the box was chewed up, the tissue paper shredded, and the catnip toys were gone. It’s Cosmic Catnip, cats goes extra nuts for that stuff.

My gay hearts at work. I made my sister a second set; I am going to make them into a garland for her to hang on her wall.

Boat dog!

Me and the puppy, relaxing on the pontoon.

Big catch of the day.

My bff, working on her sun burn.




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