Bathroom Pervert

20 06 2008

Before I leave you all for the weekend, I thought I would share an interesting moment that I had in the bathroom at work earlier.

I was the only person in the bathroom, doing my “business.” I heard the door open, and some guy  poked his head in and said, in a very “Here’s Daddy!” type of voice like from The Shining:

“I can hear you taking a sh*t in here. Does it feel good, honey?”

Then I hear the door close, and running steps either down the hall, or up the stairs.

I was completely stunned. My coworkers asked me what I said. Uh, nothing. I was stunned into total silence for a good five minutes before I confessed to my boss what had happened.

I didn’t see the guy, all I can say is he sounded like he was mid-thirties to late-forties in age. I told my boss so he could say something to the building manager. My hope is that if this sicko works in the building, and he is doing this to other women, he will be caught.

What a WIERD way to end my already quite odd week.

Watch out for the bathroom pervs.



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