Things That Should Make Me Go “EWW!”…

12 06 2008

…but don’t.

  1. When my puppy kisses me (lips and toes are his fave places to lick/kiss if he can get away with it)
  2. Dog hair on my clothes
  3. Dog poop on the floor (sometimes a chihuahua can’t hold it for 9 hours)
  4. The smell of mildew
  5. Dirty fingernails
  6. Mud puddles
  7. Stretching my earlobes
  8. Watching surgery
  9. Seeing a wound on myself
  10. Taking care of someone else’s wound
  11. Belly button lint
  12. Toe lint
  13. Mice/rodents of all kinds
  14. Snakes
  15. Armpit and leg hair – on a woman



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