Things That make Me Go “EWW!”

12 06 2008
  1. Long hairs growing out of moles
  2. Long hairs growing in inappropriate places
  3. Putting my hands in dark nooks (bugs might be there)
  4. Thinking about bugs, or looking at bugs on tv/the internet while I have my feet on the floor
  5. Muscle-y men
  6. Muscle-y women
  7. Morning breath
  8. When my dog licks other dog’s private parts
  9. Two girls and a cup
  10. Deeeeeeep water
  11. Bathtub scum (excusable if I take a bath with mineral salts and oils, not excusable if I don’t)
  12. Trimmed hairs in the sink
  13. Pet hair on my sheets
  14. Dog poop between the sheets (even if it is on the boyfriend’s side)
  15. Pet hair up my nose (cat)
  16. Pet hair in the back of my throat (beagle)
  17. An unclean toilet seat
  18. A grungy kitchen sink
  19. Hairballs
  20. The sound of someone vomiting
  21. A dirty hairbrush
  22. Listening to someone describe a traumatic injury

I am sure there are more, in fact, I know there are, but I need my personal laptop before I can type them up.



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