Big Weekend Plans?

12 06 2008

Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on what your idea of “big” is:

Tomorrow after I get off work, I am heading over to the bank to open a new checking account for my etsy shop. I want to keep my etsy finances separate from my personal finances for obvious tax reasons. It will just be easier to keep track of in the long run. You know?

Then, I am heading over to the bookstore to get some trashy novels to read this weekend. Next, I am headed to the store to get dark brown hair dye. I am finally sick of my blond tip/dark root combo, and it is expensive to maintain blond hair, plus I am the lazy type, so I am getting rid of it.

Then I have to stop at the vet’s office to pick up more cat food (whee!), the pet store for more dog food, and finally, headed back home to pig out on junk food and do some business shopping.

Once I am home, I am going to get paypal set up for my new checking account to be added, and then I will be making some purchases for my etsy shop, from etsy, of course.

Saturday, I am hoping to meet up with my friend Jessi ***hopehopehopehinthint***. And I would also like to go to the local bead shop on Saturday or Sunday to pick up some jewelery making supplies. And I also need to get to Goodwill sometime and pick up a TON of $0.99 t-shirts for my rugs.

Anything else? Oh yeah, I have a couple books on Amazon that I would like to get if I can’t find what I need at the bookstore (I am guessing it will be Amazon in the end, since I have particular tastes that Border’s doesn’t really cater to.)

The boyfriend has poker Friday, then Saturday he has a golf tournament, band practice, and a birthday party to go to, and Sunday he has a baseball game, in addition to whatever we end up doing with his family for father’s day.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, but it will mostly be me time running errands and shopping. How bad can that be? I can’t wait. Oh, and there might be a few naps sprinkled in along with some beer. ;)



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