8 06 2008

Ok, not exactly in my backyard. Here’s what happened:

Last night, it was raining when I went to bed, around 11:30. So, around 2:30, boyfriend wakes up saying “Babe, grab your pillow, the dog, the cat and a blanket. We got to go.” I’m all “Huh?” And then I hear it, the tornado sirens of doom. Fuck. I was naked as the day I was born, so my mind tells me to get the comforter, the chihuahua, the cat, the laptop, and a bathrobe. I am carrying all of this. THe cat is pissed, the chihuahua and I are just confused. All the lights are off, and it’s just flash of lightening after flash of lightening outside the windows. The thunder was constant because there was so much lightening. So we get down to the basement, boyfriend has to barricade the door fromthe upstairs to the basement, because the vents/grates are missing due to being painted and not replaced. We turn on the news, and there are three little swirly tornado icons over our part of town. The cat escapes through the barricade at this point, and boyfriend asks me to go retrieve said suicidal cat. This whole time, all I can think of are 1)I am going to be so tired at work tomorrow (not realizing it is Saturday night) and 2)All my yarn! I go upstairs and briefly think of bringing my yarn back down with me and the cat. (I didn’t).

By about 3:30, we decide it is safe to go back upstairs. I was wide awake. Boyfriend goes “So, are you still afraid of tornadoes?” I’m like “Yeah!”

So this morning, we went for a little drive so I could see the damage. I have never driven through somewhere where a tornado had touched down. I wish I had taken pictures, but I just felt so bad for all those people. They were just standing around, looking at the damage to their homes and property. I couldn’t bring myself to whip out my camera while I was noshing on my donut from the comfort of our car. No houses were majorly damaged, that we saw. Apparently, someone’s deck went through their master bedroom. We saw a trampoline in the street, street lights gone, a roof to a car wash about 100 yards down the road, one family’s garage was completely gone, but their cars were untouched, and the shelves that were in the garage were still there with al the stuff on them.

We were following behind one car (the tour of destruction) that was from California. It was two guys that stopped at each house, unrolled their windows, and, I am assuming, asked if they needed any help.

It has just been a surreal day. I will take an earthquake any day over this shit.



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