Morning Commute

30 05 2008

Date: May 30

Mileage: 11.3

May Mileage: 130.2

Year to Date Mileage: 337.8

Temp/Weather: 85F, sunny, muggy

Last night we had storms. Lots of storms, with lots of thunder and lightening. I decided to not clean the kitchen after dinner, and go to bed early. The beagle was in the short track to a heart attack, so I thought that if we went to bed and turned up the tv, it would help him a little. It did, a little. The bad news is that the storm didn’t get really bad until about 1-2 a.m. So now I am extra glad I went to bed early, as the dogs decided we should be awake with them in their moment of terror. I was tossing and turning from about 2 am, and wide awake by 5:30. So I got up, cleaned the kitched, chewed out Loki for pooping in the house, and was a regular grump. I was cranky about interrupted sleep, not sleeping until 6:30 like I normally do, and my flooded back yard. We got 2.5″ of rain last night! I am glad I didn’t take out the trash to the curb last night, as it probably would have tipped over. But the boyfriend conveniently “forgot” that the trash had to go out this morning, so I got to do it all. Joy.

The good news is that today is payday. Yippee! My budgeting skillz are getting better with each paycheck, my spending is finally not out of control. I am setting up an excel spreadsheet to keep track of how much I pay on each bill and when it gets paid. And, more importantly, I have allocated myself an allowance. So, on Sunday (I think, maybe Saturday), I am riding to the tattoo place to get my nose pierced, maybe. I need to call them and find out what it costs, and what kind of piercing they use initially. If it is a hoop, it will be a no go. I don’t think I can get away with a hoop at work. If I don’t get a piercing, I am going to get a small tire pump for my bike, and one new tire. I need two new tires, but the tires I want are $40 each, not including s/h, so I need to buy them one at a time. I figure I will spend about half of my “allowance”, and let the other half just sit there, you know, in case of emergenc, or a rainy day. Hopefully I won’t touch it all, because I want to start saving up for my Xtracycle.




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