I want to get away, I want to fly away…

16 05 2008

Date: May 16, 2008

Mileage: 7.9

May Mileage: 88.6

Year to Date Mileage: 296.2

Temp/Weather: 76F, sunny

In My Mug: Water

The boyfriend is gone for the weekend. He has basically been gone since yesterday right after dinner. He has some golf thing with his buddies. He won’t be back until Sunday, just in time to play in another stupid baseball game. He will probably come home and fall asleep for the rest of the weekend, so none of his house stuff will get fixed this weekend. The gate and downspout will remain broken. I just hope the beagle doesn’t escape, because I won’t go looking for him this time. Boyfriend knows the beagle likes to escape, he knows we have a broken gate. Let’s put 2 and 2 together, and wait for the inevitable to happen, then get upset when it does.

Sorry I am venting. I am just in a pissy mood today. I think I was in a pissy mood in my sleep too, cause my teeth and jaw hurt like I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. I only do that when I am really upset about something. So, rarely.

I am really glad I am flying out to Las Vegas in 4 days. I need to get away, regroup, and think about where my life is heading. Right now, I feel like I am at a dead end. But I don’t know if that is how I really feel, or if that is how I feel right now, because I am upset. Maybe I need to go on a long bike ride tomorrow. I think best when I am moving. I would go tonight, but I have a hair appointment at 4:30, and then I will need to get home quickly to take care of the critters.




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