15 05 2008

Date: May 14 and May 15

Mileage: 4.0 and 6.8

May Mileage: 80.7

Year to date Mileage: 288.3

Temp/Weather: upper 60’s-mid 70’s, sunny

In My Mug: Nothing!

We got the cat to the vet yesterday. Poor thing, she was freaking out. The vet was able to get a large enough urine sample from kitty that she could spin it down and see what was going on. Kitty had 2 different types of bladder infections at the same time. One was caused by her diet, the other was caused by bacteria. So we are changing her food over the next week, and the vet gave her an injection of antibiotics, along with a 20 day supply of pills. The good news is that Kitty seems to be feeling better already. I cleaned out her litter box, and she peed in the tub while I was doing that. But her pee wasn’t as red, more of a yellow with a pinkish tinge. So she must already be feeling a little better. I think I am going to keep her on bathroom confinement for another day or two, just in case. And then I need to clean that bathroom with bleach and boiling water, cause it stinks something fierce.

More good fell into my lap and out of my bank account first thing this morning. I got my plane tickets! I went online, and told myself that if the plane ticket was under $400, I was going to get it. Well, I found one for $299, so I jumped on it, not 30 seconds after I saw the ticket, either. As soon as I clicked on it, Hotwire told me the price had gone up to $334. I was p.o.’d. But I thought about it for another minute, and decided it was still under my max price, and I was not going to let $35 stop me from seeing my mom. So it looks like I am flying out next Tuesday, and coming back the following Sunday.

That’s 4.5 days of nothing to do but spend time with my family, lay around by the pool (if I can find one), knit knit knit, and read. And I think I might cook dinner a couple nights. And I would love to go out to a bar or something with my mom. And one of the days after school, I am going to go do something fun with my little sister. I am now in full planning mode, much to the detriment of my employer. I can only think about my trip, and what I need to get done before I go. I think the phrase I am looking for is “mentally checked out.”

So expect the next few days posts to be heavy on vacation and planning subject matter. Sorry, but I can’t help it.

I am going to have to decided which knitting projects I want to take with me. I think I am going to leave Threepenny at home, because it is so close to being done, it will take up too much space. I might take enough yarn to get started on my tangeled yoke cardigan, as well as my Hansi Singh octopus and starfish. And I think I will take my butterfly shawl too, since it is lace, it will pack up nice and tiny. I will take George Orwells “1984” with me, cause it is a great book to help me fall asleep (I hope it gets exciting soon). Plenty of shorts, swimsuits, flip flops, a nice outfit, my laptop, phone, chargers/power supplies, iPod, hmm, what else? oh yeah, the kitchen sink. I might need it on my 4 day trip, too. ;)

Before I leave, I promised my boyfriend I would get the bathrooms cleaned, the carpets vacuumed, the tile floors swept and mopped, all the laundry done, the cat bathroom de-stinked, and my baby flowers planted outside. If I leave them in their flats, he will forget to water them, and they will all die. I just know they will.

You know, I am starting to have second thoughts about working full time and trying to keep up a perfect house. Has anyone else noticed that making meals from scratch, and keeping a clean house, is, like, a full-time job on its own? I asked boyfriend to help me fold laundry the other day (I think the convo went like this: H=Him, M=Me: H:”I just busted out on this poker tournament, so you can use the laptop if you want. (Ahem, you mean MY laptop?) M:”No thanks, but you can help me finish this laundry if you want.” H:”haha, uh, no thanks.” M: dirty look H:”Oh. Are you serious? You want me to help fold the laundry?” M:”No, it’s fine. I already finished everything but matching the socks in the time you decided I was REALLY asking for help.”)

Seriously? Then this morning, he goes “Babe, is there a pile of clean clothes around somewhere, cause I need underwear.” I say “Yep, it’s right here. Sorry, after the vet appt last night, I didn’t have the energy to put YOUR laundry away.” He goes “No! I wasn’t taking a crack at you, I just wanted to know.”

Like hell he wasn’t! The clean folded laundry has been sitting in the same darn place for 2 freaking days. He has walked past it a dozen times. He couldn’t put away his own clean clothes? Do I look like his mother? I am seriously thinking of cutting back to a part time job in a few months so I have enough time to take care of his lazy ass. I don’t mind doing it, I really don’t. But don’t expect me to work 40 hours a week, and come home and clean, cook you dinner, clean more, and have energy left over to smile sweetly at you. Cause it sure as hell ain’t happening in this house. It’s one or the other buddy. Nyah! >:P



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15 05 2008

What is it with men? They think that the feminist movement means we now have to do it all?
Part of the problem is that society doesn’t recognize taking care of a home (imagine how much harder it will be when you have kids!) as a valid career. Yet the contribution the career of homemaker makes to society is immeasurable.

15 05 2008

One of the reasons we are not married and do not have kids is because I told him, in no uncertain terms, that having kids means I will be a full-time stay at home mom. He doesn’t want to have to pay for me to do that.

15 05 2008

I stay at home with my son until he goes to daycare at 2, then head to work at 4 to work until 1:30 a.m. And somehow I find time to cook, clean and ride. AND I put my own clothes away.

I’m a big boy!

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