Orange Juice, Cat Urine, Las Vegas and Dog Food

13 05 2008

Date: May 13, 2008

Mileage: 4.3

May Mileage: 69.9

Year to date Mileage: 277.5

Temp/Weather: 55F-65F, cloudy, windy

In My Mug: Orange Juice, extra pulp


First of all, why would someone NOT want pulp in their orange juice? Are these the same people that like to drink Sunny D? When I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I had the very difficult task of trying to pick out orange juice. My first thought was Odwalla or Naked brand o.j., but for some reason, my local grocery store does not carry them. So then I headed back towards the refrigerated juice section. I was quite simply, amazed at the broad spectrum of juice choices available to me: no pulp, low pulp, medium pulp, extra pulp, fortified with calcium, fortified with vitamin c, mixed with different juices, made with different kinds of oranges (Valencia, Navel, nameless). I went for the brand that most closely resembled fresh squeezed. I could have bought the oranges and squeezed the juice myself, but since I am currently out of a place to compost, I felt better buying juice and recycling the container, than buying the oranges and having to throw away the rinds. I do love some fresh squeezed orange juice though, store bought just can’t compare. It’s like canned corn, versus fresh corn. Night and day.


Now, about my vacation. I am still taking a holiday, but I am not sure if I will be able to afford to go to Vegas to visit me mamma. My cat is peeing blood again, I don’t get paid until Thursday, and the ticket I was hoping to buy has gone up in price by $100 since I saw it on Sunday. What a rip off. Unless I can find a truly awesome last minute plane ticket deal, I am thinking it will be out of the question. That will really make me upset, as I just want to see my mom. I don’t care about where I am going, as long as my mom is there.


One of the reasons my plane ticket is a little more spendy is because Omaha isn’t really a major “hub” airport. No one comes to Omaha unless the have to. Which sucks, cause we Omaha folks end up getting charged more money when we try to leave.


Finally, yesterday I rode my bike to the pet store on my lunch break. I had to get more dog food. I ended up bringing home 2 five pound bags of dog food, and a five pound bag of cat food. 15 pounds in a milk crate strapped to the top of a bike rack, in 30 mile an hour winds, really, really sucks. I almost was blown over several times. I felt like a human wind sail at several different times. The worst news is that it is supposed to be AS windy today, plus cooler and possibly rainy, and I need to go back to the pet store and pick up another bag of dog food for the Chihuahua. He wants to eat dry food like the other pets, but all I have on hand now is low calorie dog food for our couch potato, I mean Beagle, and cat food. Neither is really a suitable option for a Chihuahua puppy. So I get to go back on my lunch break, and hope I don’t get stuck in the rain.


Send out good thoughts that I can get a plane ticket to see my mom, please. Oh, and that my cat gets better too.






One response

13 05 2008

Seriously! No pulp orange juice? Why not just make Kool Aid?
That being said, my little sister will only drink no pulp orange juice.
She also likes Sunny D. And powdered mashed potatoes.

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