Change of events?

13 05 2008

I talked to sweet, wonderful boyfriend about the cat. He is taking her into the vet tomorrow night to get her little kitty bladder checked out. It looks like I am going to have to switch her diet, again. But he is picking up the vet bill this time, so that takes a little pressure off of me. I just might be able to pull off this trip to see my mom after all!

Isn’t he wonderful? He knows how much it means to me to go see my mom, and he is trying to help. I just love him!

Poor kitty, I’ve had my share of bladder infections (and tonsil infections, tooth infections, kidney infections and ear infections. I used to get sick a lot!), I know how much it sucks. The best I can do for her right now is mix her food with water, and keep her calm and quiet. She is locked up in the bathroom with a soft blankie, her litter box, and a water dish during the day right now because she is trying to potty in a lot of inappropriate places. I am trying to make sure she gets to come out for dinner time to spend time with the family, and let her out on the back porch when it is sunny so she can get some fresh air. But she is just so cranky (no wonder) lately.

I would have taken her to the vet without any complaining over choosing to see my mom. I would never ever ever let any of my pets suffer so I could take a vacation. Never. That is animal abuse as far as I am concerned. Thankfully, the vet had an available appointment for tomorrow (it’s the earliest we could get in). I will keep everyone update, because I am certain you are all as concerned about my kitty as I am. ;)




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