Bikes, and some news

12 05 2008

Date: May 11 and May 12

Mileage: 3.3 and 11.0

May mileage: 65.6

Year to Date Mileage: 273.2

Temp/Weather: up to 77F, sunny, windy



Yesterday I went for a short bike ride yesterday to the grocery store. It strange how quickly we adapt to whatever is “normal” for our life. I thought nothing of hopping on my bike and riding the 1.15 miles to the grocery store. I just needed some orange juice, milk for the boyfriend and toilet paper. While I was there I perused the produce section, and got stuff to make a delicious salad to go with dinner. When I was leaving, I was the recipient of many questions from the checker at the grocery line, and the recipient of many strange looks and whispers as I left. It may have had something to do with the fact I had a package of toilet paper in my basket on the back of my bike, or the milk, or the fact that I was on a bike. To all of the gawkers, it was strange to see someone wheel a bike around the grocery store, to me, it’s just a part of my life right now. If I want to eat and be hygienic in the restroom, I need to utilize my bike.


This morning on my way into work, I saw bikes! I am not sure if it is because of ever increasing gas prices, or just because the weather is getting nicer, but I saw two more bikes on my ride this morning. It was really neat! They were both gentlemen, one was riding in the street behind me, and the other was on the sidewalk. I actually had a chance to talk to the man in the street with me while we were stopped at a red light.


Me: “I’ve haven’t seen any other bikes on my commute until today. This is cool.”

Him: “I’ve seen you.”

Me: “Me?!?”

Him: (laughs)”Yeah, but I don’t normally ride everyday like you, I usually ride in 3-4 days a week.”


We parted ways at that point. I had no idea other cyclists commuted in my part of town, let alone have seen ME commute. It made me feel really good. I hope there will be more encounters like that in the future. I also hope that the guy on the sidewalk feels confident enough in the future to join us in the street.


I confess to riding on the sidewalks quite a bit around here. I just don’t feel safe enough in the streets, and the sidewalks are supposed to be “multi-use paths”. But if there are pedestrians on the more narrow sidewalks, I will take the street.


I want to let you all know that I am planning on taking vacation next week, so my blog may be sporadic, at least when it comes to bike content, as Vinny is staying home, but I hope to post lots of pictures. I am going to go see my mom and sister, who I’ve only spent about 4 hours with in the last 2 years.



One response

13 05 2008

Theres lots of bike commuters around here, and I hope to be joining their ranks here in the next month or so. I could afford to buy a bike now, but it would clear out my checking account and if there’s an emergency or something that happens between now and the next check I’ll be screwed. Next month I should have a little more cushion in there, and I’ll be relearning to ride a bike again.
I probably should get a helmet too, huh?

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