9 05 2008

Date: May 9, 2008

Mileage: 8.7

May Mileage: 51.3

Year to Date Mileage: 258.9

Temp/Weather: 67F, partly cloudy

In My Mug: Water (I have a sore throat today L)

Today I ran errands on my lunch break. It’s not something I normally do, as I really enjoy sitting and reading the paper and knitting during my lunch break. Sometimes it’s the only chance I have all day to knit. When I get home, I have chores to do, dinner to cook, and ravelry/lsg to catch up on.

So today I sent out my package to my Monthly Adventures Swap partner. It is just going to Texas, so she should probably get it early next week, holiday not withstanding. After I went to the post off (which is literally across the street from where I work), I decided to try to take the “back way” to my lunch destination. Normally I pack a lunch, as tuna and rice (my staple) is cheap, nutritious, and filling. But I forgot to pack a lunch today, so I had no choice but to buy. My local post office is on the outskirts of Boys Town, so I thought it would be a nice ride to meander through the Boys Town campus, and come out about half way to my lunch place. Well, it sounded like a great idea, but in reality, I got lost. I kept ending up at different little chapels and dead ends. I could see where I needed to get, but it took me forever to find my way back out. Not to mention I got all sorts of strange looks from different clergy members on the campus. I would love to go back and take pictures (some of the older buildings have gargoyles on them!), but I think maybe my presence wasn’t exactly welcome, and I don’t want to get arrested for trespassing. Too bad, it is a very peaceful place. Like a cemetery, but not so still. Quite, serene, but still full of life.

I finally found my way to my lunch destination, had a delicious, satisfying lunch, and made my way back to work.

On my way home, I need to stop and pick up a couple of items from the grocery store. I am really getting to enjoy going to the grocery store on a daily basis. Believe it or not, it helps me stick to my budget much more easily. When I went every two weeks, I felt like I needed to stock up, because it was going to be a whole 2 weeks before I went back. Now, when I know I will most likely be back tomorrow, I am much more likely to buy just what I need, and no extras. If I really need that extra, it will still be available to purchase tomorrow. Usually once I think something over for a day, I decide I didn’t REALLY need it, it was just a want of the moment.

Shopping for food daily is helping me with my impulse control. Who would have thought?




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