An Easy Day

8 05 2008

Date: May 8, 2008

Mileage: 13.8

May Mileage: 42.6

Year to Date Mileage: 250.2

Temp/Weather: 67F, partly cloudy

In My Mug: Chocolate pudding, orange juice

Got some more pictures for you! I have noticed an interesting thing since I put the milk crate on my bike. When I am forced to ride my bike in the street, cars have been giving me a lot more space. Maybe they think I am some sort of, umm, what’s the politically correct term here? Maybe they think that the milk crate is making my bike top heavy, and I am more likely to tip over if they pass me too closely. Whatever it is, I am glad it is. I don’t feel as scared that I am going to get run over in the street. But I try to organize my route so that I can take either the neighborhood roads, or the local bike paths.

Last night I went for a quick ride around the neighborhood. The evening was really nice, so I decided to go explore a little bit. Luckily for you I took my camera with me.

I give you “Bike in the really odd bike rack in the woods”

I also give you “Cute little nameless purple flowers”

And today when I checked on my little plants I planted on Monday, I noticed that my cosmos were trying to get out of the plastic wrap covering the flats. When I pulled it back, I noticed that my American Legion Poppies, my Deep Orange Safflower, my Moonlight Marigolds, and Bunny Tails are all sprouting! Yeah!

These are my baby cosmos. I believe they are the “Sensation Mix.”

These are the Bunny Tails.

And, Poppies!




One response

8 05 2008

they’re violets. i love violets!! i’m jealous–we don’t have any in our yard for some reason.

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