I Complain About How Normal Life Is

7 05 2008

Date: May 7, 2008

Mileage: 9.7

May Mileage: 28.8

Year to Date Mileage: 236.4

Temp/Weather: 65F, partly cloudy

In My Mug: Water, snacking on Fruit Leather and Skippy All Natural Peanut Butter


My shoulder is feeling marginally better. Hopefully by the weekend I will be back to normal. Unfortunately, I need to vacuum today. That sucks (ha!) because my left shoulder hurts, and I am a lefty by nature. So I am going to have to vacuum slowly and carefully in order to avoid re-tweaking my injury. I also wore flats today instead of high heels. I am slightly suspicious that my profound love of high heels in the workplace, coupled with excessive use of my messenger bag, and improper lifting techniques, along with my scoliosis all came together last Sunday to cause my injury. Hopefully if I can cut back on my heel use, and use the milk crate on my bike I will experience less injury in the future.


Not much exciting is going on at the moment. Yesterday was so beautiful outside, and then we had some really fantastic thunderstorms last night. And today, we get weather in the 60’s and partly cloudy. I shouldn’t complain, because I do not need to bundle up to ride my bike, there is no snow on the ground, no precipitation coming from the sky, and the wind is only kind of bad. It seems worse than it really is because the weather was so amazing yesterday.


Ok, do I have any options to lessen the predictability of my life? I could learn a foreign language. What should I learn? Spanish? French? Perhaps I should check out that Rosetta Stone program. It seems expensive; does it really live up to the hype? If I could actually learn a language in my free time on my laptop (I am not expecting fluency, of course, that can only be attained through total immersion), then maybe it would be worth the price. I just need to break this monotony. Things are so b o r i n g lately. So, ugh, predictable. Where’s the excitement, the fun, the chaos?


Speaking of fun, I decided to go get a small tattoo next payday. I finally have a handle on my bills; I am putting money aside for my future. I really should put MORE money aside so I can get my xtracycle, but I think I will take care of that when I finally sell my car. Besides, what is a small tattoo going to cost? Not enough to make a difference.


I am getting really restless. I think I am starting on the upswing part of my bipolar disorder. In a little while (days, weeks?) I should peak (manic), and then a while after that (days, weeks?) start to get restless again, and then (days? weeks?) hit bottom(depressed). Blogging has helped me start noticing these shifts in my mental state. Hopefully a pattern will emerge so that I can understand what is happening with me, and decide if it merits medical attention, or if I can manage it on my own if I know it’s happening.




One response

7 05 2008

I guess thats one great thing about my uniform, the boots are pretty comfy and minimize injury risk (unless you’re on the ice, these things are slipperier than my baby all soaped up in the bath tub).
I hear good and bad about the Rosetta Stone software. I get it for free through the military and I just couldn’t get into it. I did much better in a classroom environment. But I’ve known some people that the Rosetta Stone (or similar brand) software worked great for. You might try checking out a cheaper software version. I hear its all the same.
If I were you, I’d learn Spanish. Its so useful here.
As for tattoos, the cost will depend entirely on where you go, but most places have a 50 or 60 dollar minimum. Since you’re here in town I highly recommend Think Tank down on Broadway. They do a good job there, its very clean (I like my tattoo parlors to resemble a doctors office, personally) and the prices are reasonable. You have to make an appointment though. I’m not the only one who loves this place!
Good luck. You should post pictures of your tat when you get it.

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