Change of Plans

6 05 2008

Date: May 6, 2008

Mileage: 4.0

May Mileage: 19.1

Year to Date Mileage: 226.7

Temp/Weather: 70’sF, Sunny

In My Mug: Water, ibuprofen

Sunday morning I woke up and had all sorts of plans for the day. Well, wait. Let me back up. Friday night the poker game went really great, for the other players. I lost $40, and boyfriend lost money too. But the one of the people that won, won by pure luck because he was playing very poorly. So I am sure he will be back in the future, and we will earn our money back and then some. Saturday I was all geared up to run my errands via bike, then I turned on the news, and the stupid weatherman told me that it wasn’t going to get above about 45F for the day. Well, I immediately junked all plans for riding, and decided to clean the house instead. Saturday ended up being a really nice day, probably upper 60’s, sunny, little wind. It would have been perfect for a bike ride. And I didn’t get much cleaning done. Boyfriend was sick most of the day, so I spent the large portion of my day sitting next to him, doing whatever he needed, trying to help him feel better. I wouldn’t really consider that a wasted day either. He finally woke up (from a 5 hour nap) 10 minutes before we had to be at an engagement party. The party was fun, I drank too much champagne, and we went home close to midnight.

SO, Sunday I woke up expecting to be hungover. I wasn’t. I decided Sunday I would bike my errands once it warmed up a little bit outside. I had scrapped the wine tasting idea when I realized I wasn’t going to run my errands on Saturday. I just didn’t have the time to do both on Sunday. So while I was waiting for it to warm up outside, I started on my chores that didn’t get done on Saturday, and got a cramp in the back of my left shoulder. I couldn’t turn my head, sit comfortably, lay down, nothing. It hurt so bad I was crying for a large portion of the day. Needless to say, I got nothing done. Laundry sat on the coffee table, dishes sat in the sink, the puppy kept bringing in sticks from outside, and they stayed on the floor where he dropped them. I had the hot water bottle on my neck/shoulder for most of the day, drank lots of hot tea, tried to stay “relaxed”. It was all to no avail.

I slept horribly Sunday night, because any and all comfortable positions were impossible due to shooting pains up and down my arm and back. I woke up tired and hoping I could function for the day. I ended up having to call in sick, and spent a large portion of my day waiting for pain killers to kick in. Once they did kick in, I was able to get all of my laundry finished (it took most of the day, but I did it, 5 loads!), I got some seeds planted in the flats outside (the hot sun felt great on my back), and I got my kitchen cleaned. For being a gimp, I had a fairly productive day.

I am not sure why my back spasmed. One moment it was fine, the next I was flat on the couch. I can only assume it is because I have been stressing it more than normal. Being bent and scrunched up over bike handle bars is hard on any back, especially a back with scoliosis. I expect this to happen now and then, I can’t afford the frequent chiropractic care that would enable my back to become healthy.

So now it is Tuesday, and I am back at work. My back still hurts quite a bit, but I just can’t call in sick all week. Besides, boyfriend called in sick this morning due to vomiting, and I didn’t want to stay home and take care of a puking person. Brutal, I know, but puke makes me puke. It would have gotten nasty real quick.



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