The Weekend Looms Ahead

2 05 2008

Date: May 2, 2008

Mileage: 4.1

May Mileage: 15.1

Year to Date Mileage: 222.7

Temp/Weather: 50F, rain and thunderstorms (yes, I still rode my bike, I must be crazy)

In My Mug: Rishi Tea Organic White Tea Snow Buds (This tea is so good! I can use the leaves for 2-3 steepings, and it has sort of a hay-y/green flavor)


So I am going to start a new section to my blogs, because I get a kick out of this. The section is “Search Engine Terms”, and it will feature the popular search engine terms that led people to my blog during the previous day. Starting tomorrow, it will just be titled Search Engine Terms. It will be a separate blog entry for the day so my already wordy blogs aren’t more word-y.


Search Engine Terms:

rishi tea

corn cobb houses

cob house betty bee


biking in a thunderstorm



And by the way, I know I am way overdue on throwing in pictures to the blog. What happened is that on top of having a pretty hectic week, we re-arranged our living room and swapped couches with the couch that was in the basement. So the set-up that I had beforeto just plug in my computer and load up pictures while I was surfing the net is gone. I have yet to find a new set-up, as we just rearranged on Monday. I planned on getting everything in place over the weekend. I promise I will make time to get it done, even though I have a crazy busy weekend scheduled. Here are my weekend plans:


Friday after work: Bike out to Michaels to look for yarn for swap partner; then go to bike shop to look for a basket for my rack, grocery store, and then bank to get cash for later in the evening.

Friday when I get home: Unload dishwasher, make dinner, feed the pets, put in a load of laundry, clean up living room and bedroom, clean out litter box.

8:00/9:00 Friday night: Poker game in basement


Saturday morning: Finish packing up seeds and mail them out along with amazon book, then bike out to Personal Threads to get yarn since I couldn’t find what I needed at Michaels on Friday, stop at Nature Dog on the way home and pick up another 6# of frozen pet food. Stop at bank to get cash for wine tasting Sunday, since I lost all my money at the poker game on Friday.

Saturday afternoon: Add dirt to “compost bin” so pumpkins/squash have some soil to grow in, drill holes in bottom of bin for drainage, plant dead berry vines in hopes there is still some life in there. Fold laundry from Friday, put in another load.

Saturday night: Engagement party to go to


Sunday morning: Make breakfast, Finish laundry, clean living room, see boyfriend off to baseball game.

Sunday afternoon: Head over to soaring wings vineyard for wine tasting/bike ride.

Sunday night: Relax after a hectic weekend, watch Desperate Housewives, eat a tasty dinner.


Sounds like fun!




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