1 05 2008

Date: May 1, 2008

Mileage: 11.0

May Mileage: 11.0

Year to Date Mileage: 218.6

Temp/Weather: Up to 78F, sunny/partly cloudy, windy

In My Mug: Water


Orange and pink, pink and orange. Oh, and green. And dark, chocolaty brown. My four favorite colors in the whole world. But it can’t just be any shade of pink, orange, and green. Pink and orange have to be the color of sherbet, and green has to be sort of a bright grass green, like new grass.


Why am I talking about my favorite colors? Well, colors really have an effect on many, if not all, aspects of our lives. Right now I am planning an herb/flower garden. I have to actually think about this, I can’t just throw seeds out there and hope they grow. I have to take into account how much sunlight each spot gets, how tall each plant might get, and I feel I must take color into account. My boyfriend really likes blue flowers, but blue flowers are hard to come by. And I love pinks and oranges and yellows and reds, but mostly pinks and oranges. So I am thinking of making a planter for him on the back patio (where he’ll see it more often anyhow) of blue flowers, and making the front garden out of colors I like.


The real reason I was thinking about these colors this morning though is I think I want to get a tattoo. I don’t have any tattoos, yet. But I have wanted one since I was about 16. I just haven’t had any really good ideas that I am willing to have turn into gray shapeless blobs down the road. But then I was thinking about PRETTY tattoos. And THEN, I had to write my mileage down this morning, and I had nowhere to write it, so I wrote it on my hip. I really liked it, and I remembered how much I enjoyed doodling on myself as a kid. I drew a little bike design on the inside of my right wrist a couple of weeks ago, and I think it would make a really cute little tattoo in pink and orange and black on my hip, and maybe some stars in bright yellow and teeny sparrows in pale blue inside my wrists. Oh, and then, maybe get a neat-o knitting tattoo somewhere, maybe on my other hip. And then, I would like to get some sort of larger tattoo honoring my home (the Pacific Northwest) like a starfish, or an ocean theme. Or, I could wait and have an artist come up with something like a half sleeve for me in a theme. I am okay being tattooed, my boyfriend isn’t. He is the obstacle, not my own fear.


Right before we got together, I had a giant flaming phoenix planned for my entire back. I didn’t get it because it would have been a deal breaker in the relationship, and I wanted him more than the tattoo. I think I chose wisely, but I still would like to get tattooed, a half sleeve, a back piece, my hips, and inside my wrists. I want to honor my passion for biking, knitting, and home. My body is just a nice, blank canvas. What artist wouldn’t want to paint on a blank canvas?


I am in love with tattoos. One of my friends from my old job has little sparkle shaped stars on her outer forearms in all different rainbow-y colors, and some 50’s style line graphics in rainbow colors on her inner forearms. I am so in love with those tattoos. I wish it was ok to copy other people’s artwork, ’cause I would totally copy those. And I had another friend that had the same style of tattoo (50’s pinstripe style graphics) all over her back, but she had them done in white. That was one of the absolute coolest tattoos I have ever seen, because you couldn’t really see it unless you were looking for it, and then it was all you could see.


If my boyfriend wouldn’t drop a load of bricks, I would go out tonight and get a tattoo. But he has issues with them, so I will have to get tattoos like I want to garden, stealthily.


Maybe I just need to go for it.




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