Sundays Are Full of Plans And Short on Action

27 04 2008

No bike ride today. I just don’t feel like it. It is nice and sunny outside, but the current air temp is 38F with the wind chill. Boyfriend has a baseball game today in a few hours. I figured I would use the time while he is at baseball to get some yard work done. My plans for today are:

1) Move cut and bundled pine branches to a pile in the front yard for yard waste collection on Thursday.

2) Move the pile of sticks/firewood in front yard to “firewood” pile in the back yard.

3) Level dirt and weed grass out of front garden bed

4) Spread mulch over front garden bed

It’s a lot to get done in one day. But I want to get some herbs seeds started on Thursday for the front garden, and I want to map out how I am going to plant it by Thursday. I am planning on using the square foot gardening technique. Last year we completely took out a big overgrown hedge thing, and boyfriend removed all the roots, so the bed is double dug. I think the soil is very heavy in clay, so I need to get it mulched and start working in compost. But before I can do that, I need to know what I am doing with it. How else am I going to know how much mulch and compost to order in bulk?

My plan for the next five years is to completely convert the front yard from lawn to garden, remove the crabapple tree from the back yard, and convert 2/3 of the back yard to a vegetable garden. I would do 100%, but the dogs need somewhere to pee. This shouldn’t be too difficult, mostly just back breaking. But I am positive that if I utilized the yards for food production, we would have less drainage issues in the back yard. I’d really love to get a rain barrell or three for water collection for the gardens.

But I can’t do any of this until I get the front bed started. The hardest part for me is bugs. I have issues with the bugs, something eats out my squash vines every year. Last year I almost had a pumpkin, but the vine was all chewed up inside, and it rotted. I am planning on gardening as vertically as I can, and I would like to get some big pots for the back deck too. Actually, I have some big pots, but the soil in them is several years old. I think I need to mix that in with my compost and put fresh soil and compost in those pots. I have plans, lot and lots of plans. Now I just need to figure out how to implement them. I am also hoping in a couple of years I can convince boyfriend to let me get a couple of chickens. I would also like to get in touch with Farmer Chuck to get info on raw dairy in Omaha, and start buying our meats in bulk for the deep freeze.

My plan is to be cooking all our meals by the end of summer. I used to cook all the time, but I sort of fell off the wagon when I started my job, as time was more of a constraint. I am sick of eating shit though.

So let’s review. In the next five years I want to:

  • Convert 80% of our yards to herb and vegetable gardens based on the square foot gardening principle
  • Fill our freezer with meat fresh from the farm
  • Pay off my debt in 3 years
  • Save 40% of my paychecks for the last two of the next five years
  • Quit my job
  • Build custom bikes for women, and the odd man or two
  • Work as a bike mechanic to bring in income while building up bike building business
  • Build a cob bread oven for the back yard and a cob mailbox house for the front yard
  • Get married (I hope) and have a baby (I really hope)



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