What Happened to Spring?

25 04 2008

Date: April 23 and April 24

Mileage: 4.0 + 4.0

April Mileage: 90

Year to Date Mileage: 188

Days Until RAGBRAI Lottery: 7

Days Until RAGBRAI: 86

In My Mug: Luna Sport Electrolyte Splash Pink Grapefruit flavor (barf!)

It seems like I have spent the last 15 weeks waiting for it to be warm outside. Why was Spring so late to knock on my door this year? Yesterday on my ride home, I finally noticed the flowers. Trees are budding, daffodils, magnolias, dandelions, and hyacinths are blooming. The bunnies and squirrels are getting run over in their quest for mating rights. It’s like Spring came to Omaha overnight. But I can’t let that niggling fear in the back of my head go that it isn’t summer yet, we can still get heavy frosts and cold crappy mornings. I’m sure that starting tomorrow it is going to be unbearably hot and humid out and it will stay that way until I start complaining about “When will Winter come, I’m so sick of sweating!”. I know, I know. But why can’t I live somewhere that is more temperate year round? When I was in high school, my dream was to move to Northern California, by the Oregon border. I think that would be my ideal place to live. Somewhat near the cost would be ideal. Or pretty much anywhere in Oregon. Or Seattle. Heck, anywhere on the west coast, north of San Francisco and South of BC Canada would be fine by me. At least it wouldn’t be Omaha.

Now that that’s off my chest, look what came in the mail for me the other day!

And for all you bike nerds out there, I know it isn’t installed properly. I know that the top should be flat. But the little army things won’t reach my frame while keeping the top of the rack flat. I figure I will get it figured out sometime before I buy some panniers, I’m not too worried about it right now.




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