Ack! I’m Turning Green!

25 04 2008

Haha, that gave me an image of me as Kermit the Frog. Good for a quick giggle, but it’s time for more of my usual preachiness masquerading as personal insights. :)

I’m an addict. I’m sorry to all of you that thought I was perfect. I am not. I have developed a horrible addiction over the last 3 years, and I am finally realizing just how much of my time is eaten up by this addiction. I am addicted to TV. Yes, that inocuous little box over there in the corner. It is sucking my life away, one 30 minute program at a time. Really, I blame the DVR. It allows me to record my “favorite” programs, and watch them at my leisure. Which means, if I find I have some free time, I can choose between doing dirty, hard, yard work, or sipping some tea and watching some trashy tv. The problem is that after watching trashy tv, I have nothing to show for it except the time that is gone.

Riding my bike has slowed me down, but in a good way. I am a proponent of the slow food movement, and on Ravelry I am a member of the Slow Knitters group. I don’t mind slowing down. It seems that we race and race and race, only to find that we raced straight to the finish line without appreciating and enjoying the scenery along the way. I don’t want my life to slip through my fingers by way of the tv. That is such a depressing thought.

I use my programs as an excuse to not cook dinners, as an excuse to do minimal housework, as an excuse to not go outside and garden. I live my life in 5 minute increments during commercial breaks, all the while wasting away in the warm glow of a plasma screen.

So I am making some new rules for myself. I am starting with going through the DVR tonight and cancelling all of the shows I watch on a regular basis that don’t teach me anything. I will keep some national geographic programs, and some gardeing/home improvement programs. Other than that, it’s going away. I know going cold turkey on any addiction can be painful, but I know from personal experience that “weaning” myself off of anything rarely works. I have the will power for “all or nothing,” not the willpower  for “gradually.”

It’s Friday, so I can work on planning the beginning of my garden all weekend. I am going to go through my seeds and decide what I can realistically grow this year. I have a cloth grocery bag FULL of organic and heritage vegetable, herb (both culinary and medicinal) and flower seeds. I am going to make a list on lsg on Ravlery of all the seeds I am getting rid of, and it will be first come first serve. I might even put up a list here.

The only request I have is that someone teach me how to compost and how to do square foot gardening. Sure, I can read about it, but reading and practical application do not always go hand in hand in my life. This is one of those things that I need a little hand holding in the beginning if I really want to succeed. I have trouble connecting literary and practical applications.

But I really really want to garden again. We have all this yard space that would be much prettier if I started turning it into gardens instead of paying some dude to mow it. Boyfriend is NOT on board with any of this, because I happen to be a lazy slob due to my tv addiction. But if I give the tv the boot, and focus, really focus, I can change. I want to change, and that is a very important first step. Help me out. Help me LIVE my life, instead of just being a spectator to it.

I think this means I might need to pick up a trailer for my bike so I can schlep gardening stuff home from the local Lowes/Hoem Depot/Menards. Good thing I am selling my car and am committed to becoming a year-round cyclist. This blog entry was the inspriation for my post today. Green Tuesday



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