Speed of Cob

22 04 2008

Weird huh? How many people out there even know what a cob house is? Or how beautiful cob can be? My dream home is a cob house. I don’t hope I will have one someday, I know I will. I will have a cob building someday, built with my own hands, that I spend a large portion of my time in. It might be a bike workshop, a barn for my farm animals, or a whole house. I actually don’t care if it is a barn, a workshop, or a house. What I do care about is that it is my space, that I built it, and that it is made out of cob.

I subscribed quite a while ago to the House Alive! newsletter. My dream of a cob building is a long ways off, but when I get a newsletter, it helps keep that dream alive. And the newsletter always seems to have some relevance to what is going on in my little piece of the world. I enjoy them, they are well written, and it is neat to know that other people are living my dream. I can live vicariously through them when I read the newsletter. The following is an excerpt from the newsletter:

“In the early Eighties I read a very interesting little book by a philosopher named Ivan Illich.  The book was about driving cars and started out by calculating the average speed at which a car travels in its lifetime.  Want to guess?  The answer is 6 miles per hour…you have to take the annual amount of functional miles you drive and then divide that by the total time you spend in your car…the time you spend taking care of your car…waiting at the shop, getting gas, changing the oil, changing a flat, buying and selling the car, dealing with an accident, and, often overlooked, you also have to count the time you spend working so that you can afford the car… How about working to pay taxes to build roads?  Make a reasonable calculation of all this and you come to an average speed of about 6 miles per hour. That is pretty low considering the high cost of cars to our society: 42,000 deaths per year by fatal crashes, more than a million people injured, endless paving of the natural world, global warming, etc.  Using the same calculation, a bicycle will get a significantly higher average speed…”

Full Article

Somewhere on my laptop I have some cob house pictures, I’ll see if I can dreg them up. This article came to my in box last week, but I didn’t even see it until today. I thought I would share it with the rest of you since the world IS celebrating Earthday today. Enjoy, I know I did.

Peace and bike love.




4 responses

22 04 2008

ok, i am a bit of a doofus. i’d never heard of a cob house, and was trying to envision how one made a house out of corn cobs!! feel free to laugh.

google is my friend.

22 04 2008

No laughing here. I thought that cob meant ground up corn cobs when I first heard about it.

22 04 2008

I’ve never heard about cob houses before, but I have read quite a bit about straw bale houses… different materials for different climates, I guess!

4 05 2008

How funny that I should be led to your blog twice in one week~great minds think alike! ~smile~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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