Lake Zorinsky

22 04 2008

Date: April 19

Mileage: 18.2

April Mileage: 78.2

Year to Date Mileage: 176.2

Days Until RAGBRAI Lottery: 11

Days Until RAGBRAI: 89

On Saturday I decided to go for a long bike ride. My original plan was to ride out to the Lake Zorinksy Trail, ride around the trail once, and then ride back home. I was told by my LBS that the Lake Trail was 14 miles around. I still don’t know how to reset my odometer on my bike computer to get and actual mileage for each trip, so I had to look up my mileage after I got back home. It turns out that one trip around the lake was only 7.2 miles. Sad. So I thought I went on a longer bike ride than I actually did. It made me feel a little deflated when I realized I had only gone 18 miles instead of 30. Here is my biking companion for Saturday:

He did great; he just kind of hung his head out of the bag, he loved getting to sniff lots of new things, and even got his first tick. I think he is really going to love the basket when I can order it next month! Then he won’t have to choose between having his head in the wind and standing, or not having his head in the wind and sitting/laying down.

The weather this weekend was perfect. I would love for the weather to be about 25C (77F) during the days and 17C (62F) at night year round. I got a lot accomplished this weekend. My boyfriend had other things to do, like go to a football game, and play baseball.

On Saturday before my bike ride, I let the dogs out in the backyard and decided to play a little Guitar Hero. About 5 minutes later, my Chihuahua is in the front yard, barking at me through the window. So I go out to let him in, and in the process I realize that the back gate has fallen over and is completely off its hinges. Well, our other dog happens to be a stinky beagle that likes to take advantage of wide open gates by going on little beagle “adventures”. I called my boyfriend to let him know beagle is on the loose, and if someone catches him, they are going to be calling him, so he needs to keep his phone nearby. We finally got the beagle back, and he was covered in what I can only assume to be feces. He had a good time, and slept for most of the rest of the weekend. When you are an (almost) 11 year old beagle, day long puppy adventures can take a lot out of you. Saturday afternoon, I redneck rigged our back gate by using a combo of an old baby gate, and leaning the broken gate in front of it so it doesn’t look so trashy from the street.

On Sunday, I got almost all of the little messes around the houses tidied away, which felt good. Then when my boyfriend went to his baseball game, I went out in the back yard and trimmed 20-30 branches off of four of our pine trees. It felt good to do some hard work that had visible results at the end of the day. I am planning on planting 8 raspberry and blackberry plants on Wednesday, assuming they are still alive at that point. I will plant them even if they look dead, cause you never know.

You can see all the little bundles of cut up branches at the bottom of the retaining wall. Yard waste collection won’t take branches unless the are no longer than 3 feet, and tied into bundles. So after I spent half a day chopping branches of the trees, I got to spend another three hours cutting them even smaller and tying them into nice little bundles. My hands got more cut up during this process than during the removing from trees process. Go figure.




One response

22 04 2008

heh. we had a beagle mix who’d get out & go running. for a while, we lived near some farms, & she’d come home covered in cow poo. mom would make one of us hose her off before bringing her in for a proper bath.

your wee riding companion is adorable!

good luck with the planting!

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