Melon Collies?

21 04 2008

I feel so melancholy today. I am not sure why either; don’t you ever just feel sad?

I have been on antibiotics for 4 days now, and I have another 10 days to go. Oh. Joy. I went to Whole Foods over my lunch break and got a 10-day supply of Brown Cow cream top yogurt of various flavors (2 per day for 10 days = 20 yogurts, and the checker was nice enough to give me a case discount even though a case is 24 yogurts), and a 30 day supply of probiotics. I want to make sure I keep replacing my good germys as the antibiotics work to kill everything germy in my body.

I also picked up a pound of cultured butter, and whole, organic, non-homogenized milk. I got a couple little goodies for my swap partner on Ravelry. Sadly, her gift will be going out pretty close to the deadline as I have to wait until next payday to buy yarn, a crochet hook, and ship it all out. The good news is that it isn’t going TOO far, as in, South. Hopefully it will be worth the wait to her. I am finding it hard to decide on yarn for her, even though we both have similar tastes, we like opposite colors. So yarns I think would be “fun” and “pretty” I am 138,493% positive she would hate. And likewise, colors she likes, I think are dull and boring. Nothing against her, I just like bright and girly, and she likes muted earth tones.

We are supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, hopefully it will get us out of volleyball. I’ve had a headache for a large portion of the day, and it is slowly getting worser and worser. (I really need ot find my glasses!) All I want is to go home and lay down and watch a movie in the dark. Boyfriend can find his own dinner for a change of pace, and if I am lucky, he will feed that quadrupeds so I can make my headache go away. I got most of my cleaning done over the weekend, so I can keep it low key tonight with movies and laundry folding, and maybe finally upload some freakin pictures to my blog. I am sure people get tired of reading my mini-novels.

Speaking of people reading my blog, I find it hard to fathom that my blog has had over 350 hits so far. It is amazing, and super hard for me to fully comprehend, considering that I have a grand total of, like, 5 comments. Maybe if I started a knitting/cycling blog, instead of a purely cycling blog, I would get more comments. I am not saying I NEED comments, it’s just nice to get feedback. Seeing that 350+ people have read my blog doesn’t tell me much. Maybe you all hate my blog? I don’t really give a fu ck if you hate my blog, it is a way for me to keep track of my cycling mileage mainly.

AAaahhhh! I am going in circles here. Alright, here. Tell me what you think. Want more pictures? They’ll be coming tonight. Need more knitting? Tell me how to get those neat little project meters from Ravelry on my blog and I will keep better track of my WIPs and UFOs and FOs. Heck, I’ll even pepper in some knitting pictures periodically, just to keep my biking pictures from becoming monotonous.

Sheesh, no wonder I have a headache. I have all this imagined stress. I need a nap.



2 responses

21 04 2008

i’ll pm you with the linky for the progress bars. is easy. i promise!

this is your space–blog about what you want! i’m enjoying it :)

21 04 2008

keep doing what you’re doing. Commenting on other people’s blog = more comments on your own. I think I went five months with no comments. It’s like having a conversation with yourself.

get better soon.

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