This makes me sick…

16 04 2008

Kitten burnt in oven.

Who the h e l l do these people think they are? I do not believe the mother for one freaking minute. She is covering up for someone. There is no way that a 2 year old could wrangle a 7 month old kitten, open the oven door, put the kitten inside, shut the oven door and not get burnt or scratched. I hope that the authorities find the sick, twisted fcukers that did this and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Better yet, tell me where to find them. I live in the midwest, I am sure someone has a shot-gun that I can borrow for a day. Heck, I was a sharpshooter in the army, I know how to aim from pretty far away. I won’t kill them, even though I think they deserve it. But I sure as heck will maim them for life. This is so unthinkable. I posted this link five days ago, and I am finally able to express my anger and hatred for these evil evil people.

The mother in this article should be ashamed of herself, her animals should be taken away from her, quite possibly her 2 year old too, and she should be punished for the crime if they don’t ever catch the people that are responsible. As far as I am concerned, SHE is responsible, it was her house, her animal, her guests, her fault. I hope she spends the rest of life having nightmares about what that kitten went through, and I hope she spends her eternity rotting in h e l l with whackaloon idiots jsut like her. There, I said my piece. I don’t feel better, but I said what was weighing on my heart for the last 5 days.



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